Created August 2013

Nancy J. Patrykus
By Nancy J. Patrykus @Finnjin
A pie for anyone or
every one in this cookbook.
So many delicious ones.!
What's your pleasure?
Please let the cook know.
Aug. 17, 2013

Lovingly Compiled
Nancy J. Patrykus [Finnjin]

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Nancy J. Patrykus - over a year ago
Thank you..nancy.OOOOXXXX
Colleen Sowa - over a year ago
Nancy J. Patrykus - over a year ago
Thank you COLLEEN...You are a sweetie
Have a wonderful day...
I am working on a different "velvet"
soup recipe today...
I like to cook or bake in the early mornings...
I take my coffee standing up at the stove....LOL
Hugs, nancy. 8/18/13
Colleen Sowa - over a year ago
Another wonderful book! xo

50 Recipes in this Cookbook:

"CANNED FRUIT SALAD" COBBLER "CUCUMBER APPLE CRAISIN PIE" (Nancys new recipe) "Prickly Pear and Peach" Walnut Pie APPLE PANDOWDY an Early COLONIAL Desert -(PIE) from the PENN. DUTCH APPLE PIE the1958 "Silver Grill"in SPOKANE WA APPLE PIE BAKED IN APPLE Apple Pie Baked in the Apple. Apple Pie Crumb Bars Apple Pie in a Apple Apple Pie Monkey Bread APPLE SLICES with a CREAM CHEESE CRUST APRIL FOOLS DAY NO LEMON PIE! with vinegar AUNT RUTH'S FRIED PIES BANANA CREAM PIE (Dulce de Leche) from scratch Banana Fruit Pie BEERIED TREASURE PIE ..(no-cook) CANNED-CHERRY COFFEECAKE 1970s Cherry Pie Chimis CHERRY TURNOVERS...... "SNOW on the MOUNTAIN" Cinnamon Apple Pie Coconut Apple Pie in Pizza Pan Crustless Fruit Topped Cheese Pie CRUSTY RHUBARB PIE .... no roll pastry Easter Hunt Fruit Cocktail Pie EASTER JELLO PIE...good & easy EASTER PIE..."an ITALIAN PASTTIERA" recipe Fireside Pies Fried Apple Pies Fried Pineapple Basil Walnut Pies Fruit Cocktail Pie Fruit Pies no Crust so Easy Fruit Turnovers Grandma Amy's Hand Pies IMPOSSIBLE MAGIC BLENDER COCONUT PIE LEMON & TOASTED COCONUT TART Lemon Plum Custard Mini Pies LIGHT & FRUITY PIE - great for Easter Lisa's Fried Pies Mini Chocolate Sugar Cookie Pies Nana's Mini Fruit Pies Nancy's -EXTRA CREAMY RHUBARB PEAR PIE Peach Fried Pies with Cinnamon Crust Pie Iron Apple Desert Puff Pastry Apple Pie Turnovers wApple Spice Glaze Raspberry Cloud Cake Cookies Sour Cream Avocado Pie Strawberry Pie Bars Tropical Coconut Cream Pie in Coconut Cookie Crust Two Minute Hawaiian Pie ZUCCHINI CRAISEN SLICES (Think Apple Pie!)