Delicious Homemade Soup/ Chili & Stews

Delicious Homemade Soup/ Chili & Stews
Created November 2011

Karla Everett
By Karla Everett @Karla59
When the weather outside starts to get cold out its always nice to curl up with a delicious bowl of soup , it warms you right up.

Lovingly Compiled by
Karla Everett

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Karla Everett - Nov 6, 2011
Thanks Carol , I just love to make soups in the winter time , your Italian soup sounds delicious , I will have to make it soon. :D
Carol Junkins - Nov 6, 2011
Nice Karla, just made my Italian soup recipe last night, and yea nothing like homemade soup when the weather cools down. Love this book great soups, your soup recipes all sound wonderful ! tks for including a few on mine!
Karla Everett - Nov 6, 2011
Thank you very much Ladies and all of you are very welcome , It's got chilly around here and I have already started making soups , I made my stew and believe it or not I forgot to take a picture ....hahahaha
Lynn Socko - Nov 6, 2011
Great soup cookbook, thanks for including me.
Kim Biegacki - Nov 6, 2011
Wow, now I am really hungry for soup.
Christine Whisenhunt - Nov 6, 2011
Another nice book, Karla!
Jeanne Benavidez - Nov 6, 2011
Karla, thanks for including my Chili Verde in your new book. Boy, these all sound like wonderful recipes. Definitely downloaded it. It's getting that time of year.