Just A Pinch Favorites Volume 1

Just A Pinch Favorites Volume 1
Created August 2013

Susan Bickta
By Susan Bickta @souxie
Lovingly Compiled by
Susan Bickta [souxie]
A collection of recipes from my fellow JAP members that I want to try. This is also a tribute to all of the awesome cooks in this cooking club. Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful recipes!

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Linda Dawson - Aug 30, 2013
Oh boy, Susan.. you'll be the hit with the cheese ball... It's so easy and the Ritz Crackers make it even better!! Hope your family falls in love all over again with the help of a cheese ball...hahaha!! Enjoy!
Susan Bickta - Aug 30, 2013
You know, Linda ...... I have evrything I need to make this for my Labor Day picnic!! I think I'll make it and I'll let you know how much everyone liked it!!!
Susan Bickta - Aug 30, 2013
Hey Linda Dawson!!! Yuppers ...... the cheese ball recipe sounds awesome!!! I'm anxious to try it ..... will let you know when I do!!!
Linda Dawson - Aug 29, 2013
Gosh, What a delight to have the famous Cheese Ball recipe published for so many to view!! It truly is a family favoite. I got this recipe from a co-worker years ago..Hats off to Ginny Latham for sharing! I hope your family enjoys as much as ours..God Bless... Thank you JAP..you guys are awesome!!
Susan Bickta - Aug 29, 2013
Hi Laura (fuddbubbles) and Wendy Rusch (snooksk9) ..... glad you shared your awesome recipes!!!!
Wendy Rusch - Aug 29, 2013
Thank You for including me in your cookbook Susan!!! How fun!!! And an honor!!! xo ~ Wendy
Laura Spencer-Whitacre - Aug 29, 2013
HI, Your book is beautiful, thanks for using my Chinese Meatballs recipe. again beautiful book. xoxox laura
Susan Bickta - Aug 29, 2013
Hi Susan Cutlet (suak) .... your recipe sounds so good to me!!! AND, I love ANYTHING with clams in it!!! Anxious to try it ..... I'll let you know when I do!!
Susan Cutler - Aug 29, 2013
Thank you so much for adding my Clam Stuffing recipe. I really appreciated it.

What a great idea for a title! I love your cookbook.

Thank you so much again,