Lovingly Made

Lovingly Made
Created December 2015

Tammy T
By Tammy T @ttodd4jesus
Lovingly Compiled by
Tammy Todd

I dedicate this cookbook to Toni T who was a JAP member and friend to many. She will be truly missed. She was wise and always willing to help anyone in need. Her love for the Lord Jesus Christ was evident. I wanted to add one of her recipes in the book. Her Ginger Cookies recipe is in the dessert section. I know without a doubt, she made them with love.
The picture on the cover is My Semi Homemade Meaty Spaghetti Sauce and was submitted by - Mwa! It is in the Main Dish section of this book. When you make it, your family will give-you love!

Sept 2015

Aug 2015

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Debbie Sue - over a year ago
I just noticed that you included 2 of my recipes in your cookbook, Tammy!!! Thank you so much!!! That is quite a compliment!! I'm just tickled :D
Barbara Miller - over a year ago
Thank you!
Maria * - over a year ago
Another good looking cookbook. Especially beautiful memorial to Toni!

Tammy hope you and everyone else here is enjoying a wonderful & Blessed Christmas Day!!! Hugs!!!
Dee * - over a year ago
Thank you Tammy for honoring Toni. She was one of a kind and is truly missed. I wish there were more like her on JAP. She was a perfect example of a true Sister in Christ. Her family would be very proud.
Jeanne Gliddon - over a year ago
I really didn't know Toni but I know that she must have been a wonderful person based on everything I have read about her since her passing. Your cookbook is such a wonderful tribute to her Tammy and I know that she must be smiling up in heaven!
Tammy T - over a year ago
Thank you Leanne :)
Leanne D. - over a year ago
Beautiful memorial to Toni,I know she would love these scrumptious recipes! I miss her ! Her Ginger cookies are the best!
Bonnie . - over a year ago
Thanks! It is easy to make, and has a pleasant pop of flavor to it. :) Your taste buds will thank you! lol!
Tammy T - over a year ago
Thank you Bonnie, I think she was an exceptional person.

I love your recipe and want to make it! I have never made Steak Diane. Thank you for sharing it! Hugs!
Bonnie . - over a year ago
This is a lovely cookbook and a nice tribute to your friend, Tammy! Thanks for including one of our family favorite recipes: Steak Diane. :)