There's A Whole Lot Of Baking Going On!

There's A Whole Lot Of Baking Going On!
Created March 2012

Gail Welch
By Gail Welch @sugarshack
So many recipes, so little time!
Bake Baby, Bake!
Lovingly Compiled by
Gail Welch [sugarshack]

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Gail Welch - Mar 13, 2012
You are welcome, Carol.
Carol Junkins - Mar 13, 2012
Very nice recipes in there Gail, tks for including one of mine.
Gail Welch - Mar 3, 2012
Thanks, Sherry and you're welcome.
Sherry Peyton - Mar 3, 2012
Oh this is a good cookbook! And thank you so much for including one of my recipes.
Gail Welch - Mar 1, 2012
Marla, you are welcome. I hope that today is going good for you! Keeping you in my prayers!
Gail Welch - Mar 1, 2012
Bake it Karla, bake it!! :D
Karla Everett - Mar 1, 2012
Gail , great cookbook , makes me want to go and Bake something..LOL
Gail Welch - Mar 1, 2012
Ladies, you are welcome! Berniece, I am so glad to have made your day!
Please don't get discourged, there are so many recipes on this site it's hard to get around to viewing them all. I love your recipe and am thrilled to have it in my book. :D
Marla Fagan - Mar 1, 2012
I feel the same way as Bernice! I just haven't had a chance to sit down and properly thank you! I am truly honored! Please for give me for not telling you sooner!
Bernice Mosteller - Mar 1, 2012
Thank you so very much for including my recipe in your book! This is an honor for me to be included. I was beginning to get discouraged. Nobody had put a heart on any of my recipes. SO this just made my day!I greatly appreciate it more than you will ever know.
Marla Fagan - Mar 1, 2012
Thank you!
Bonnie . - Mar 1, 2012
Thanks for including my Cat Head Biscuits and my Baked Beans, two of our favorite recipes. Enjoy! Great cookbook!♥