Created August 2013

Nancy J. Patrykus
By Nancy J. Patrykus @Finnjin
B-is for
50 of some of the best recipes.
Take your pick all are Delish.
Cover foto & recipe by Rose Selvar.
*Thank you ladies for all
your great recipes.
AUG.19, 2013
I love doing these cookbooks for
fun & relaxation. JAP sells them,
owns them and receives ALL monies,
when sold. ..NOT ME!
The Cookbook is
Lovingly Compiled by
Nancy J. Patrykus [Finnjin]

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Rose Selvar - Aug 24, 2013
WOW MA!!! I just got back from our beach vacation and look what I found!! Your wonderful cookbook and my recipe for Blueberry Crumb Pie on the cover. NOW THAT'S EXCITING!!! I think this is the first time one of my few recipes made it to the cover of a cookbook. Either that or my memory is going! LOL Thanks Ma. It's always good to be back home after being away and finding THIS made it even better.
Love and hugs to you from your loving daughter, ME....8/24/13
Catie B - Aug 19, 2013
Gee, I wish we could go back and redo our posts.
'went' is the word.....

I will let you find it..

grumble, grumble, darn tiny type....☹
Catie B - Aug 19, 2013
You are so good to JAP! I bet their profits wet up as soon as you joined, making books I think they should give you some stock in the company, or put you on the payroll! ☺☺

Looks like a wonderful compilation!
Tammy T - Aug 19, 2013
Love your book Nancy!! Blueberries, Yum!! XXOO
Carol Perricone - Aug 19, 2013
Hi Nancy,
My mouth watered reading all the wonderful recipes in this terrific cookbook!! Thank you for including my Red Velvet-Blueberry Ice cream Pie.
Great Job!!

Carol :)