Salubrious Sauerkraut

Salubrious Sauerkraut
Created March 2013

Kim Biegacki
By Kim Biegacki @pistachyoo
Not sure about Sauerkraut, well here are some delicious recipes that might change your mind and if you have any health problems you may want to read on. Because for centuries it has been consumed not only for it's taste, texture & availibility but for medicinal purposes too.
"Eating sauerkraut is a great way to protect the balance of bacteria in your gastrointestinal tract. Sauerkraut is one of the few foods that contain the bacterium Lactobacilli plantarum. L. planatarum and is a very dominant strain of healthful bacteria which helps your digestive system. It also gives a boost to the immune system and there by reduces risk of the common cold, skin problems, weight gain and tainted blood that can be fixed by a healthy functioning immune system." from
The best kind of kraut is the refrigerated brands or to make it at home, which is fairly easy to do.

Lovingly Compiled by
Kim Biegacki

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Rose Selvar - Nov 6, 2013
This is my "go to" for sauerkraut recipes. Nice Job!!! 11/05/13
Kim Biegacki - Mar 25, 2013
TY Wendy and Kathleen, so glad you like the cookbook too. :-)
Kim Biegacki - Mar 25, 2013
Awwwhhh, thanks Roda. I am so looking forward to many of these recipes too. I need to eat more kraut. :-) So glad you like it.
Roda Laser - Mar 25, 2013
Hi Kim,
Reuben sandwiches are one of my favorites. I am going to enjoy many of the great recipes that you have gathered together. What a great idea for a cookbook!
Kathleen Hagood - Mar 23, 2013
Nice cookbook, Kim. I love homemade kraut. I made my first last summer.
Wendy Rusch - Mar 22, 2013
Thank You Darlin for including my German Lasagna...Enjoy your book!!! :o)
Kim Biegacki - Mar 22, 2013
TY ladies, I can't wait to get this cookbook into my hands. It's going to be fun making even more recipes with kraut.
peggy Calhoun - Mar 22, 2013
Great idea compiling a cookbook all for the love of sauerkraut!!! Thanks for adding my recipe....hope you enjoy it!
Rose Mary Mogan - Mar 22, 2013
This is a great book Kim, Thanks so much for including one of my recipes. Who would have ever guessed that there were so many recipes using sauerkraut. I love this book.
Colleen Sowa - Mar 22, 2013
Great cookbook! Love your introduction too!
I make homemade sauerkrout and there is nothing like it in the stores...
Thank you for including my recipes in your lovely book! xo