Good Eats from Indy Star Call Center Staff

Good Eats from Indy Star Call Center Staff
Created January 2013

Ellen Bales
By Ellen Bales @Starwriter
Compiled by
Ellen Bales
with many thanks to
my Indianapolis Star co-workers
(Tracie de Stefano, Jewell Gatewood, Shonna Jenkins, Dianna Key and hubby, Carrie Parker, Alice St. Clair, Debbie Thomas, and Jaquis Williams)
for their
fabulous recipes!

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Tammy T - over a year ago
I work for a Travel Agency that books for a lot of big name companies but we are not allowed to disclose who as we are a third party. I specialize in booking cruises. I can tell this was a labor of love, I know how hard it is to get recipes out of people at my work! We have a pot luck coming up on Sat and they have already made their requests know to me. LOL! I have asked this girl there three times for her recipe and she just gives me, this and that. I wish I could get one like this together! Great job!!
Ellen Bales - over a year ago
Wow--what a coincidence, Tammy. What kind of call center do you work in? Mine is selling newspaper subscriptions. We sell the Indianapolis Star, the Muncie Star-Press, the Lafayette Journal-Courier, and the Richmond Palladium-Item. All central Indiana newspapers. We used to also sell USA Today.

I'm so glad you like my cookbook. It's been a labor of love and a long time coming. I swear, it was like pulling teeth to get recipes out of some of my co-workers! There's one guy who's Pakistani and is the most marvelous cook. Sometimes he brings in chicken curry. But he won't part with any of his recipes. He wants to keep them secret.
Tammy T - over a year ago
This is a beautiful book Ellen!! I love it! What a nice tribute! I see ALOT of recipes I will be pinching! I didn't know you worked in a call center! Do you know what? I do too. :D