Delicious Appetizers!!

Delicious Appetizers!!
Created January 2012

Karla Everett
By Karla Everett @Karla59
Delicious appetizers from cooks from Just a pinch.

Lovingly Compiled by
Karla Everett

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Karla Everett - Jan 5, 2012
Thank you Sherry and your very welcome!! :D
Sherry Peyton - Jan 5, 2012
Wow, you sure can create some lovely cookbooks! this is another winner. Thanks so much for including my recipes!
Karla Everett - Jan 5, 2012
Thank you very much Ladies !!

Kelly , Your books are great too , I would love it if they would give me a couple for making all these but you know that will never happen!!

Joanna , I haven't had the chance to make them yet but will soon , they sound delicious!!

Bonnie G. Thank you and your very welcome , I love homemade onion rings!!
Bonnie Glazier - Jan 5, 2012
Thank you for featuring the Old Fashioned Onion Rings. I love this cook book!
Joanna Gotwald - Jan 5, 2012
Wow, Thanks for including my PIGGY TOES in your book what an honor! Have you tried them yourself yet? If you did what did you think???
Kelly Williams - Jan 5, 2012
Couldn't agree more with you, Ali and Didi!!! Wish I could buy them all, too. Yours are simply the best!! :D :D Honored to be included in them!! Thanks so much, Karla! :D

And Doreen has a nice idea! It takes a lot of time to make these books, I know! ;) And you have created so many beautiful books!! They should let you have a few for free!! ;) :D
Didi Dalaba - Jan 4, 2012
Me too!!!!!!! :-( And I mean that from the bottom of my heart!!!

On a good note, I plan on winning the lottery soon... you think I'm kidding!! ;-)
Karla Everett - Jan 4, 2012
Oh thank you Didi your so sweet!! I'm glad you like the cookbook!! Wish I could afford to buy them all. :D
Didi Dalaba - Jan 4, 2012
Karla, I love the cover... and the recipes!!! OMG, I think I gained 12lbs just reading them!!!

Awesome cookbook my friend, AGAIN!!! You are truly amazing at how you put the recipes together that COMPLIMENT EACH OTHER!!!!

Thank you sooo much for including my redzone bites!!! You, my friend can only be called "our star cook"!!! xoxoxoxo
Karla Everett - Jan 4, 2012
Nancy ,Thank you very much !!
Key Lime - Jan 4, 2012
Beautiful,yummy and I love ALL of your cookbooks. I appreciate all off your hard work and dedication to cooking.

Karla Everett - Jan 4, 2012
Thank you very much Ladies!! :D
Christine Whisenhunt - Jan 4, 2012
Another great book, Karla!
Doreen Fish - Jan 4, 2012
Thanks Karla!! You must win a prize for all the great books u have created!!
Julia Ferguson - Jan 4, 2012
Karla, Thanks for using one of my recipes. This is a great go to book for appetizers. Great job.