In The Kitchen With Mom

In The Kitchen With Mom
Created February 2012

Beth M.
By Beth M. @BakinTime
Lovingly Compiled by
Beth Mayhew [BakinTime]

When I was a little girl my "Mom" would let me help her in the kitchen. Her specialties were homemade pies, dinner rolls, cookies and baked beans. Nothing went to waste, as she'd make a stew, soup or casserole with leftovers.
The kitchen always smelled good, and it was fun to come home from school and find something warm from the oven as a treat, with butter and jam on it. She even used bits and pieces of pie dough sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon and nuts to make a little twisted treat.

Even now in 2012, twenty-five + years since my Mom died, my oldest friend from childhood remarks about having a warm treat with butter and jam on it at my house.
I inherited the "joy of cooking" and I owe it to my Mom!

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Beth M. - Feb 8, 2012
Thank you ladies, I needed a few more pictures but didn't want to postpone it longer. If I'd done it in time for Valentine's Day it would have been nice to give to my dearest sister-in-law Joyce, my son or either of the grandchildren would enjoy them.
Bonnie ^O^ - Feb 8, 2012
This is a very nice collection! Thanks for including mine! :D
Karla Everett - Feb 8, 2012
Beth , I really like your book , you have selected alot of great recipes. :D