cooking to survive, A Bachelor's Guide Volume 5

cooking to survive, A Bachelor's Guide Volume 5
Created October 2012 (Second Edition)

michelle 'FLAME' kelley
By michelle 'FLAME' kelley @flameswithinice
Tired of the fast food type of dinners?
In this volume you will only find real meals for real appetites.
Something you can really sink your fork into.

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Susan Feliciano - over a year ago
Thanks for including both my recipes. Great Cookbook!
Susan Din - over a year ago
Great idea for a cookbook! Thanks for posting several of my recipes, I hope they become regulars on peoples menus!
Ashley Burnam - over a year ago
Woo hoo thanks for posting my manicotti recipe in there!
sylvia bourque - over a year ago
Thanks so much for adding my recipe I really hope everyone enjoys
Karen Sills - over a year ago
Thanks for adding my skillet chicken dinner!
Ellen Bales - over a year ago
Very nice cookbook, Michelle! And thank you for including my crispy salmon patties recipe. Great idea for your son. I'm doing the same thing for a Christmas gift for my sister and brothers with our mother's favorite recipes.
Rose Mary Mogan - over a year ago
Thanks so much Michelle for including one of my recipes in your cookbook. There are many favorites of mine included in your book. A great cookbook by the way, of many foods made by our parents. Thanks so much. It is a great book.
michelle 'FLAME' kelley - over a year ago
your welcome pat. it is really a series of 6 so far 4 are done. they are meant for my son for christmas. you have so many it is so hard to choose just so few. lol i am a pinching.
Pat Duran - over a year ago
Both of these books are very nice should please all those guys out there and gals too.Thanks for posting my recipe.,hugs,Pst