Plain'o Good Eating

Plain'o Good Eating
Created August 2012

Doris Ware
By Doris Ware @dinkymax
Lovingly Compiled by
Doris Ware [dinkymax]-8-24-2012, Every one Needs To Eat ! Nothing Wrong With Just Plain'o Good Foods. Hope You Like What You See ! These Recipe's Are Used By Most Folks Sooner Are Later ! Just Plain Good What Else Can I Say ? Thank You To My Friend's Who's Recipes I Used In The Making Of This Book. Thank's To Just A Pinch For This Fine Web Site ! And To My Family Who Always Dished Up To Eat What Ever I Did Cook Love Them All . Mom

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Doris Ware - Sep 11, 2012
Your Welcome Glad You Had The Peach Cobbler To Post ! You Will Like Justapinch, just Think People Over The Sea Can Now Make Your Peach Cobbler.
Kathy Roberts - Sep 11, 2012
Thanks for adding my recipe on Peach Cobbler. I plan on sharing more recipe soon.
Doris Ware - Aug 29, 2012
Thank You So Much But At My House I'm Grandma To A 5 Year Old And A 8 Month Old And So I Just Don't Have Much Time For Myself. So Now I'm Just Look Through And Save Recipes And Cookbooks.I Will Look Over And See Cause I Have To Have My Breakfast.
David Reeves - Aug 29, 2012
Glad you enjoyed them, Doris. Since you love biscuits, join our group called "The Breakfast Lovers Club". We would love to have you.
Doris Ware - Aug 29, 2012
Good Day Woodrow And Tyou For Your Recipe. We Have A Lot Of Biscuits Around Here.We made Your Biscuits The Other And They Are Very Good.
Pat Campbell - Aug 27, 2012
THANK YOU, again Doris. Keep scanning recipes, I "got" a bunch of my recipes from old magazines, ole newspapers, old timey cookbooks, a lot of them "handed down", like comfortable old clothes. Laugh. My daughter is old time and funny recipe "finder", dont know where she got the recipe book, entitled "Redneck And Trailer Trash Cookbook", I swear!! One was "How to make a Ripe Mater Sandwich" and, maybe my favorite, "How to cook a possum"!!! " How to make a mater sandwich", go to garden and find a big ole ripe mater, rinse off in kitchen sink, slice as thick as you want onto paper plate. Take 2 slices of bread and put mayo on both slices, put sliced maters on bottom bread, salt and pepper, add top slice, lean over sink and eat your sandwich. Honest to God, may not be exact words, but pretty darn close. I will leave "How to Cook a Possum" for another time. I will give one line that was used, more than once in recipe, which is "make sure possum is dead. I am going to tell my daughter to send me a few more of the "better recipes". Not sure if cookbook was meant to be serious or funny. Have a great day and Bless you.
David Reeves - Aug 27, 2012
Good morning, Doris. I am honored to have my biscuits a part of Plain'O Good Eating!!
Doris Ware - Aug 25, 2012
Thank You ! For Your Very Good Recipes. Lrisa And Pat And Lynn I Thank You Three Ladyie's Again! I Love To Collect Recipes I Have Been Sence I Was About 9 Years Old. And My Daughter Is Fifty Now And Feel Old As I Don't Know What. But Sleep Very Good When I Finley Get In Bed.
Lynn Socko - Aug 25, 2012
thank you for including my recipe, there's nothing better than good ole comfort food is there, great cookbook!
Pat Campbell - Aug 25, 2012
Thank you Doris,How nice for me. The hot chololate mix was a staple at my house for many,many years, in the cold days of the winter months. I can look back in my mind and see three little faces with chocolate (mustachios), on upper lips. Enjoyment to all who usesss this recipe. Bless all.
Irisa Raina 9 - Aug 25, 2012
Thank you for adding my BB0 sauce recipe.
I hope those who try it it.