2014 Tried and True Recipes

2014 Tried and True Recipes
Created November 2014

Melanie B
By Melanie B @MelBelle
Lovingly Compiled by
Melanie B [MelBelle]

I have tried each and every one of these recipe. What a great bunch of cooks!!

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Eileen Hineline - Jan 12, 2015
Hello melanie B- I did my first one,hope you like it.
Melanie B - Jan 12, 2015
Eileen, go to the tabs across the top of this site and click on Cookbook, then click the red bar that says Create your own cookbook. TA DA- you are off. You can put 50 recipes in each book.
Eileen Hineline - Jan 9, 2015
Hello Melanie- I didnt know you could create a cookbook so I am inspired to do so after seeing yours. I hope you like the recipes I have and try some out. Thank you for replying back, have a wonderful day.
Pat Duran - Jan 9, 2015
Thank you Melanie for posting a lot of my recipes..I appreciate that you have confidence in my recipe posts...hugs
Leila Rockwell - Jan 9, 2015
Thank you Melanie for trying and posting my recipe Leila's apple crisp pie. You made a beautiful cookbook.
Melanie B - Jan 9, 2015
Thanks Eileen. I'm headed to look at your recipe now.
Eileen Hineline - Jan 9, 2015
I can't wait to make my cookbook,can't wait to buy yours!
Maria * - Nov 16, 2014
Melanie, many thanks for trying and including my recipes in your "Tried N True" cookbook!. Congratulations & Hugs!
Melanie B - Nov 6, 2014
Freda, it is so good to see you on here. I love the addition of cabbage to a pot roast. It is awesome!
FREDA GABLE - Nov 6, 2014
Melanie, "Thanks", for ADDING my POT ROAST recipe to Your Book. . . . Greatly appreciated an all time Comfort Food.
Melanie B - Nov 5, 2014
Aww thanks everyone. I love each and every one of these recipes.
Leila Rockwell - Nov 5, 2014
Thank you so much for adding one of my recipes Melanie, and you have made a great cook book with so many fantastic recipes.
Julia Ferguson - Nov 5, 2014
Mel, Thanks so much for including my Eggnog French Toast recipe. Wow, I was surprised to see it as the first recipe and Thank You for trying it, and the cookbook is very nice. Your recipe for Cabbage Salad reminded me, that I have had it at a pitch-in, when I worked. I'm definately going to make it one of these days. Your Galbi Marinade got my attention, as well. Thanks again.

Love ya, Girlfriend!
Kathy W - Nov 5, 2014
Great cookbook! I see several I must check out. Congrats!
Pat Duran - Nov 5, 2014
Thank you Melanie first for trying my recipes and second for including them in your cookbook..hugs and blessings.....