50- WASHINGTON Recipes

50- WASHINGTON Recipes
Created June 2012

Nancy J. Patrykus
By Nancy J. Patrykus @Finnjin
Lovingly Compiled byNancy Patrykus 6/28/2012
Evergreen Gem of the Northweast.- Olympic Mountains scan Puget Sound.- Seattle doorstep to the Orient.- Wenatchee & Yakima Apples.-Walla Walla Sweet onions - Columbia Salmon tops tall tales. -Grand ColeeDam , was bigest job on earth.-Dry Falls, was larger than Niagara!
Recipes from: All WA. cooks
My photo: Spokane River,- Swing along Bridge.- "Bowl & Pitcher" are some of the huge boulders deposited here from the Great Missoula,Montana Flood---.1/2 mi. from my home in SPOKANE, WA. ! Nancy

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Nancy J. Patrykus - Aug 10, 2012
LOL.She was just miss informed.....
must have been a newbee...Hugs
Rose Selvar - Aug 10, 2012
Can't please everyone, Ma...and you were doing HER a favor. Many of HER recipes would not have even been noticed had you NOT put them in your cookbook!!!! She should have been THANKING you not taking you to the cleaners so to speak....ANYWAY....I finally got to this cookbook. WHEW!! Gotta go see which recipes you put in here. 8/10/12
Nancy J. Patrykus - Jun 28, 2012
6/28/12...Ladies: Karla,..Marjorie,..Tracy,..Jody,..Shirley,..and..Susan,
I thank you for your home state WA. recipes..
that I have included a few in this cookbook..
I have taken the liberty to include half of them from me.! lol
This has been some time and effort to take on the project of all the states cookbooks..
I really enjoy doing this..and I hope all like what I have done.
I only have 3 more states to go....
Love to you all.
Along the way I have collected many, many wonderful recipes myself..
and have made many new friends.
I thank you for all of you for your lovely comments...
and J.A.P. for giving us the opertunity to exchange
and share our recipes etc.
Actually I have had only one lady send a very heated,
negative and irrate E message.
So this is not a bad average..
I said a prayer for her and her comment!!.
Hugs,to all....and Thank you..... nancy