Some Of My Favorite Recipes 2015

Some Of My Favorite Recipes 2015
Created August 2015

Beth M.
By Beth M. @BakinTime
Lovingly Compiled by
Beth Mayhew
Member Since March 2011

All of these recipes are collected from family and friends.
"Life is short, eat dessert first".

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Carol Junkins - Dec 2, 2015
Beth ! I am just finding this book ~ great recipes ! Thank you for adding some of mine as well !!!! Perfect !
Beth M. - Aug 26, 2015
My recent order of six copies of "Some Of My Favorite Recipes 2015" just arrived! I do love the smaller size books without the plastic binder, and the photographs are clear. It will make a nice gift for friends and family. They did take ten days from the time I got the notice that they were shipped; but they came all the way from The Netherlands. Thank you Just A Pinch!
Beth M. - Aug 11, 2015
Andy, I agree! I am saving the cookbook for family members and I'm thinking perhaps one of my grandchildren might appreciate a cookbook since he's moving to the city and sharing an apartment with two others while going off to college. He's capable of cooking for himself, as he works in a restaurant where I do also. They've had him help prep food and work a grill and fry-o-later, not real home cooking. I would love some help putting together the right kind of recipes for a novice cook.
Andy Anderson ! - Aug 11, 2015
Beth, that's the wonderful thing about JAP... the fellowships and the friends that we make along the way (((hugs)))
Beth M. - Aug 11, 2015
Awe, it's my pleasure to include your great recipes! Thank you all, and I have enjoyed knowing all of you through Just A Pinch!
Linda Dalton - Aug 11, 2015
What a great collection Beth. It's an honor to have you include my recipe!
Pat Duran - Aug 11, 2015
Beth thanks for posting my recipe to your collection of favorite recipes..hugs on a beautiful book.
Linda Smith - Aug 11, 2015
Good recipes thank you for including one of mine.
Andy Anderson ! - Aug 11, 2015
Excellent book, wonderful recipes... :-)
Family Favorites - Aug 11, 2015
Thanks for including some of my recipes, Beth! So glad you liked them. =) Have a wonderful day!