What About Fireman Bob ?

What About Fireman Bob ?
Created December 2013

Bob Cooney
By Bob Cooney @firemanbob65
Lovingly Compiled by
Bob Cooney [firemanbob59]
Vol. 1

I am beginning a set of Cookbooks, of which, will tell a story of who I am...

Please follow along as I share a little of my Life with all of You...

and we all know what the " answer " is....

BABY STEPS!!!!!!!!

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Bob Cooney - Dec 2, 2013
Noreen,,, You are right... and I love everyone of You!!!!! :) ( working on Vol 3 as we speak.... ) ;)
Nor Mac - Dec 2, 2013
Bob you have a lot of nice supporters. You do have a great cook book. Keep on posting!
Connie Ottman - Dec 2, 2013
Love the duck!! Great book, can't wait to see the others:)
Areatha Daniels - Dec 1, 2013
Nor Mac - Dec 1, 2013
He's just a sweet dog. Lol
Bob Cooney - Dec 1, 2013
Okay??? So Where does " Teddy " fit with Rudolph???


Thank you Kathy... I'm working on 'em... ;) :)
Kathy W - Dec 1, 2013
Great start to your set! Looking forward to seeing the rest. :)
Nor Mac - Dec 1, 2013
See my Dog Teddy on my profile? LOL
Bob Cooney - Dec 1, 2013
hehehehe I " LOVE LOVE LOVE " pinches... ohhh wait.... you mean my recipes... okay okay... ;) :)
Nor Mac - Dec 1, 2013
Nice Bob! Now I have to pinch all of those wonderful recipes.

47 Recipes in this Cookbook:

Another Unorthodox Recipe from Fireman Bob Fireman Bob's " Best Recipe Yet " - The Sequel Fireman Bob's Cincinnati Chili done my way... Fireman Bob's Crock Pot Chicken Tetrazzini Fireman Bob's " Funkie Pie Surprise " Fireman Bob's " Get Your Red Hot Chicken Here " Fireman Bob's " Knock 'Em Out Crackers " Fireman Bob's " Salt Crusted " Chicken my way... Fireman Bob's " Spur of the Moment Breakfast " Fireman Bob's 100 Plus year old " Spudnuts " Fireman Bob's 5 Alarm Fire Sauce Fireman Bob's Best Recipe Yet Fireman Bob's Blueberry Lemon Ice Cream Fireman Bob's Cabbage Soup with Grapes Fireman Bob's Challenge Fireman Bob's Cheesy Chicken Delight Dip my way... Fireman Bob's Chicken Cacciatore for Two! Fireman Bob's Cincinnati Skyline Chili Fireman Bob's Cooking From the Heart Fireman Bob's Creamy Garlic Shells with a Twist! Fireman Bob's Crock Pot Spicy Sloppy Joes my way Fireman Bob's Dutch Oven Chicken Fireman Bob's Easy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Thighs Fireman Bob's Fire House Chili Fireman Bob's Flame Kickin Chicken Salad Fireman Bob's French Onion Soup Fireman Bob's Irish Corned Beef my way..... Fireman Bob's Japanese Green Salad Fireman Bob's Kickin and Screamin Taco Soup Fireman Bob's Lemon Wake - Me - Up Suprise Fireman Bob's Marinated Smokey Rib Eye Steaks Fireman Bob's Meatloaf recipe with some interestin Fireman Bob's Mud Cake my way..... Fireman Bob's New Challenge Fireman Bob's Osso Buco my way... Fireman Bob's Pesto - Stuffed Pork Chops Fireman Bob's Rock Cornish Game Hens under Orange Fireman Bob's Smoked Sausage Dinner Fireman Bob's Smoky Sesame Baked Chicken Breasts Fireman Bob's Sunday Garlic Roast of Beef Fireman Bob's Ultimate Cheesecake ! Fireman Bob's Yorkshire Pudding my way.... Fireman Bobs Unique " Dutch Oven " Pork Tenderloin Fireman Bob’s “Rib Rub” for Pork FiremanBob's Christmas Turkey and doing it my way My version of Blue Cheese Chip Dip Original Family Spaghetti Sauce Homemade