Nuts in the House

Nuts in the House
Created November 2011

Stormy Stewart
By Stormy Stewart @karlyn255
Nuts are a traditional holiday staple.

Nut Crack Night divination.

Select a pair of uncooked filberts. Assign a name to each for you and your lover. Place them in a pan over a fire, and watch to see what they do. Nuts that fly apart indicate that the relationship won't last, but if they stay together, you're practically guaranteed to be happy!

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Stormy Stewart - Nov 2, 2011
Thank you all.
Lynda Sweezey - Nov 1, 2011
Stormy, Thank You for using my Moms Almond recipe. She would have been very honored. Lynda
Karla Everett - Nov 1, 2011
Stormy really good book , I just love the cover!! :D
Christine Whisenhunt - Nov 1, 2011
That's a lotta nuts! LOL Thanks for including one of my recipes, Stormy!
Penny Hall - Nov 1, 2011
I didn't realize there were so many "nut" recipes on JAP. Great Idea!