# 7 - Healthier Recipes

# 7 - Healthier Recipes
Created June 2012

Jeanne Benavidez
By Jeanne Benavidez @jeanneben
In an effort to "lighten" my recipes and eat somewhat healthier, I have combined some of my recipes along with several recipes from some great cooks who are gracious enough to share their delicious ideas. Thanks to all.
Jeanne Benavidez [jeanneben]

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Jeanne Benavidez - Jun 25, 2012
That's what I thought, Susan..... The only time I have a say in where the money goes is when I purchase books myself, then use them for Auctions at benefits....then the money goes to whatever benefit we are working on at the time. I have bought several of my books (40 to 50) and donated them for auctions for breast cancer, diabetis, accident victems, sick children (of friends and several other good causes. It was fun and people seemed to appreciate them because they brought in a little money also.
Susan Feliciano - Jun 25, 2012
That's a good question. I always thought it was just the printing and handling costs, plus a bit of compensation for Just A Pinch.
Tina Simpson - Jun 25, 2012
Where does the money for your cookbook go?
Susan Feliciano - Jun 23, 2012
I really can't recommend this book highly enough.

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Susan Feliciano - Jun 23, 2012
Dr. Joel Fuhrman wrote "Eat To Live", an excellent book, and he is the go-to doctor for all of Dr. Oz's heart patients when it comes to diet.
Susan Feliciano - Jun 23, 2012
Two things:
1- According to Dr. Joel Fuhrman, if you can eat 90% plant foods and only 10% from animal sources, you will reap the best health benefits for the heart, and also lose weight. That means you can have a LITTLE cheese, Lynn! Oh, joy!
2- ORGANIC cheese is even better for you, because the cows are grass-fed and not grain-fed, which makes the fat in organic cheese have more Omega-3 healthy oils.

So maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel for us cheese-lovers!
Lynn Socko - Jun 23, 2012
Oh Jeanne, I had no idea! Hope you are doing ok!!! Yes it is hard to change, but once you get in the habit, it does come easier!! My biggest challenge is limiting the amount of cheese I use, other than that, I find I'm so enjoying using more fresh veggies than ever before, and I'm not losing flavor by leaving off the salt, I'm adding other things in to replace it. It's hard to replace cheese though, lol. Well good luck my friend, I now have several friends on here to take this Healthier eating adventure with!
Penny Hall - Jun 23, 2012
Jeanne, visit www.davita.com for some really hearth healthy recipes. I have heart disease, and kidney disease, and use that site a lot. I am praying for you.
Jeanne Benavidez - Jun 23, 2012
Ladies, you are so very welcome. appreciate all of you for sharing your wonderful dishes. There are just so many great recipes on here it's hard to decide which one to add to a book.

Yeah, Lynn, I just got out of the hospital Tuesday after my 7th heart stent implant and am really going to try harder to lighten my recipes. I will also be watching on here for any new recipes that will be a little easier on the body.

It's hard to change a lifetime of eating habits but I am really trying.
Lynn Socko - Jun 22, 2012
Jeanne what a wonderful idea for a cookbook, I get re-inspired to keep coming up with lighter recipes everytime I see someone else doing it!! Thank you for including my recipes in your awesome cook book!
Penny Hall - Jun 22, 2012
Fantastic cook book, and thanks for including my Jennifer Hudson recipe for the sweet potatoe fries!
Bonnie . - Jun 22, 2012
Thanks for including my recipe for Blue Ribbon Butter Spread in your lovely cookbook.
Susan Feliciano - Jun 22, 2012
Great cookbook, Jeanne. Thank you for including me in it. I especially liked the chapter on cooking tips. And the crock pot converter is very useful.
Jeanne Benavidez - Jun 22, 2012
You are so welcome, Carol. Thank you for sharing your recipe.
Carol White - Jun 22, 2012
Thank you Jeanne for including me in your cookbook. Page 51♥