Created March 2012

Mari Craddock
By Mari Craddock @BossQueen
Lovingly Compiled by Mari Williams [BossQueen]

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE to cook and love searching out recipes. Even more so I LOVE to introduce new recipes.
I wanted to create my own cookbook with all my favorite recipes I have made over the years.
I hope that you will enjoy this as much as I had creating it!!

God Bless YOU!

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Lynn Socko - Apr 9, 2012
Great cookbook, LOVE it and thanks for using my recipe in it!
Sherri Williams - Apr 7, 2012
What an honor to be in this wonderful cookbook! Thank you so much...sw☺
Rose Mary Mogan - Mar 29, 2012
I think we should have an OPTION to choose which way we want our items shipped, not just one way for everyone irreguardless. I ordered 6 days ago, & it still is not here.
Mari Craddock - Mar 29, 2012
I agree with you both! I KNOW it doesn't cost that much to ship.. They need to send them regular mail. I got mine Fed EX.. Its nice to have though. I want to make up a few more and will over the next few years....
Rose Mary Mogan - Mar 29, 2012
Yes it is quite expensive. But I did order one on the 23rd,and am still waiting to receive it. The last one I ordered came in only a few days. I mailed a book off on Monday & she got it in 2 days, and I didn't spend 11 plus dollars to ship it. So I am waiting patiently, hopefully it will be here soon.I think we should get a discount if we order more than one at the same time, & the more we order the bigger the discount. LOL What do you think?
FREDA GABLE - Mar 22, 2012
Thanks again Mari. I do appreciate you adding that to Your Book. I use it often Myself.
Rosemary, I know what You mean about the Costs. . . Us gals on SS, Just Have to WANT in one hand and dream in the Other, don't we??
I want to Order all My cook Books for my kids to pass dopwn, and the Cost Was Out of this World. . . But still saving to do that for X-mas Gifts for them all. ( wouldn't be so Bad if I only had ONE kid) But No . . I got too many!! 4 kids and 4 books of every cookbook I made is Costly. Let me tell you!!!
Rose Mary Mogan - Mar 22, 2012
Mari you are so funny. You have a great book there, and I too especially love the substitutions listed in the front of the book, I never knew it existed as I am very new here, only active since January of this year. I love all the recipes in your book, but they sure do charge a lot for shipping, and only one way to ship, for me it is over $11.00 S.H. when you are retired that is a lot of money, even though it is a great book. I hope I can order it though.
Mari Craddock - Mar 22, 2012
Freda I thought your Substitute List was an excellent idea. So many times i fall short on just one item and I know your list will be a life saver.

And Rose - I love all your family recipes you have shared with all of us. But they couldn't all fit in this book LOL {{wink}}
Rose Mary Mogan - Mar 20, 2012
I enjoyed looking through your cookbook Mari, it is very nice, Thank You so much for including 5 of my recipes in your cookbook. I am very happy to be a part of such a wonderful masterpiece. Thanks again.
FREDA GABLE - Mar 20, 2012
What a Pleasure, To be a part of Your Book with the "Substitute List".
Thanks !!!
Kim Biegacki - Mar 20, 2012
Awwhh, thanks Mari and I always enjoy your sweet words and compliments as well. Indeed, it is special to share them with those who appreciate your time, energy and love that you put into your cooking and baking.
Mari Craddock - Mar 20, 2012
You are welcome. I truly enjoy reading and trying your recipes and glad I can share them with people I love..
Kim Biegacki - Mar 20, 2012
Mari, what a great cookbook. Now, I am officially hungry again. LOL...You chose alot of interesting recipes that I haven't seen before and sound so yummy. Thanks for also including my recipes into your cookbook too. :-)
Betty Graves - Mar 20, 2012
Nice book. Thanks for adding my Tuna Casserole.