Unforgettable Recipes

Unforgettable Recipes
Created March 2013

Tammy T
By Tammy T @ttodd4jesus
Lovingly Compiled by
Tammy Todd

My children say I forget "everything". Being the smart lady that I am, I put together cookbooks so I don't forget these wonderful recipes...so then I think of a recipe I want to make and thats when I realize - I 've forgtten what cookbook I put it in!

March 4,2013

The cover picture and recipe was submitted by Pinch member, Patty Ward and is in the soup section of this cookbook.

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Tammy T - Mar 20, 2013
Thank you Kathy for the recipe! It looks and sounds delicious! I love a good salad!
Kathy Sills - Mar 20, 2013
Thanks for including my recipe! SaladOn A Puff Plate!
Tammy T - Mar 17, 2013
Thank you Patty for posting it!! The picture made a beautiful cover and the recipe looks wonderful! Can't wait to make it! I just ordered the book today! :)
Patty Ward - Mar 17, 2013
Tammy, very nice cookbook! Thank You for including my Chicken and Black Pepper Dumplings recipe. One of our families favorite "comfort" foods.
Rose Selvar - Mar 15, 2013
Tammy, Thanks for the "plug" on my Strawberry Jam. LOL 3/15/13
Tammy T - Mar 15, 2013
Thank you for the recipe Roda! My daughters and I love whole wheat pancakes and I've never made them before. Rose's Strawberry freezer Jam would really be good on them!! Mmmmmm!
Tammy T - Mar 14, 2013
Oh yes Rose! My friend use to make it all the time and I don't care much for apple pie but I could not get enough of it! I do love tarts though and I bet that was really good! I know what you mean, there are so many recipes I made back when, I wish I could remember today how to make. :/
Roda Laser - Mar 14, 2013
Thank you including my whole wheat recipe in your wonderful cookbook. These are truly a collection of unforgettable recipes. WHOLE WHEAT PANCAKES
Rose Selvar - Mar 14, 2013
P. 36 Applesauce Pie...now that sounds good. Have never tried that one. I made an apple tart in 1968 and took it to work. They devoured it. I made it just like my mom....no recipe....just threw it together like mom did. Can't remember how I made it now as it's been SOOOOOOOOOO long ago and I never wrote it down. Sure wish I could remember how I did it. I loved that apple tart...3/14/13
Tammy T - Mar 13, 2013
Regina, thank you for that recipe! I love a good fruit dessert and especially when it is easy and I can just whip it up when guests come or take it to a pot luck. Looks very yummy!
Tammy T - Mar 13, 2013
Oh my goodness Nancy, I LOVE that pie! Not kidding! I don't care much for apple pie but I will make this pie because I had one years ago a friend made like the one you posted and I have never forgotten it and could not find a recipe like it so when I saw it, I was very excited! Thank you for sharing it! And Thanks for liking my book!
Regina Lucky - Mar 13, 2013
Thank you for including my recipe in your cook book, I feel very honored to be included in the cook book.
Nancy Allen - Mar 13, 2013
Tammy, Thank you for including my appleasuce pie. Beautiful Book! 8)
Tammy T - Mar 13, 2013
We definitely will!! Look forward to it!!
Janet Scott - Mar 13, 2013
Okay, it's a plan! We will have a blast!