Fireman Bob Salutes Friends

Fireman Bob Salutes Friends
Created January 2014

Bob Cooney
By Bob Cooney @firemanbob65
Lovingly Compiled by
Bob Cooney [firemanbob59]

This Cook Book is a Salute to Friends and their Great Food!

( there will be more books, cause I love You all )

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Bob Cooney - Jan 15, 2014
My dear Kristin, Your passion for sharing is evident with your recipes posted and yet to be posted... I look forward to many more from You as we move forward...Thanks again for your food and friendship. : ))))
Kristin D - Jan 15, 2014
Aww, thanks for the shout out, Bob! Your food is great and I'm so glad that you enjoyed one of my recipes enough to put into your book. :)
Bob Cooney - Jan 12, 2014
Melissa, it is I who Thanks You for your Friendship and your expertise in cooking... Thank You for Sharing your Talents. : )))
Melissa Buchanan-Smith - Jan 12, 2014
Thanks for the inclusion!
Bob Cooney - Jan 8, 2014
Truth is Truth Noreen. : ))))
Nor Mac - Jan 8, 2014
Awh Bob what a nice nice note. Thank you for always being so nice. We need ore people like you on here. :-)
Bob Cooney - Jan 8, 2014
Thank You Michael... I Salute You as well and Thank You for your compassion and service!!! Always an Honor to Shake a Fellow Brother's hand!!! : )))
Michael Hall - Jan 8, 2014
Honored to have you post my recipe in your book. I am a Volunteer Fireman myself, Hat off to you sir!!
Bob Cooney - Jan 7, 2014
Noreen I Thank You for being in my life... I am just a simple man who loves to share... Your friendship is a blessing to me...Your food is awesome and the end results reflect your passion for sharing love with those you care about...
Thank You for being in my life and sharing your passion for cooking. : )))
Nor Mac - Jan 7, 2014
Bob is just a very nice person! Thanks Bob for always commenting on my recipes,and sharing them too!!
Bob Cooney - Jan 7, 2014
Gretchen my dear friend... You are a Great Chef...Your Food is Wonderful and your family and Loved ones are blessed with You in their lives!!!! Thank You for allowing me to be a friend... : )))
Gretchen *** - Jan 7, 2014
Thanks Bob for including my recipe Italian Quesadillas in your cookbook :))
Bob Cooney - Jan 7, 2014
I LOVE Trains... almost as much as I LOVE my Friends! :) Love your Food Ellen!
Ellen Bales - Jan 6, 2014
Thanks so much, Bob, for including my SMOTHERED CABBAGE AND ANDOUILLE recipe in your latest cookbook. By the way, I like the cover--what is the significance?
Nor Mac - Jan 6, 2014
Really? Did you see my new one? Guilt Free Sesame Chicken