Traci's Sweetest Sweets

Traci's Sweetest Sweets
Created October 2011

Traci Coleman
By Traci Coleman @TraciB70
Lovingly Compiled by
Traci Bentz [TraciB70]

A collection of some of my very favorite sweet desserts!!

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Traci Coleman - Oct 8, 2011
Yes - I agree that having the download is nice. I often cook straight from my laptop anyway, right there on the kitchen counter, safely away from any potential spills!

It does seem like there should be some incentive for people to put the cookbooks together - and I would find a free cookbook a nice one! Well, we'll see. They're always coming up with new ideas, so it could happen!
Karla Everett - Oct 8, 2011
I know what you mean , I have downloaded alot of them too , as well as my own. I just love this feature too , I have designed 10 books already , It would be nice if JAP would give you a free book for designing so many for them , since they are getting all the money for our work. Its nice to be able to download them for free , even though they don't print out good.
Traci Coleman - Oct 8, 2011
Thanks, Karla! I love this function! I had started copying and pasting recipes to a Word document because my recipe box had so many recipes in it that it was overwhelming. This was a great idea!!

I've downloaded several of the ones folks have created, too!! I was already spending too much time here, and this makes me just want to hang out here even more!! :)
Karla Everett - Oct 7, 2011
Traci , your book is great , I downloaded it !! :D