Jalapeno Happiness

Jalapeno Happiness
Created May 2014

Stormy Stewart
By Stormy Stewart @karlyn255
Jalapeno Peppers

spicy is a taste
that some never acquire
it burns their tongue
they roll their eyes
their stomach is on fire

a lot of us like peppers
regardless if they are mild or hot
but be prepared for the end results
when you go to use the pot

the heated vein called capsaician
surrounds the picante seeds
to cool the heat while you're eating
some milk is all you need

jalapeños are my favorite pepper
I stuff them sometimes with cheese
it matters not if it's cream or cheddar
the flavor is a taste to please

I enjoy the spice and the heat
and the flavor that sorta stung
I sold my soul to the devil
when the jalapeño pepper
touched my tongue

Written by amysticwriter

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Russ Myers - Jun 1, 2014
Thanks Stormy.
This looks like a great selection of pepper recipes.
Thanks for using one of mine.
Susan Feliciano - May 27, 2014
Hi, Stormy. Great cookbook! My husband will love it - he is the jalapeño king! Thanks for including my recipe.
Melanie B - May 26, 2014
Nice cookbook.
Eddie Jordan - May 26, 2014
Hi Stormy, I love your jalapeno cook book. Thank you for using my mild to hot salsa recipe
Kathleen Hagood - May 26, 2014
I love this cookbook, Stormy.

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