Created May 2012

Nancy J. Patrykus
By Nancy J. Patrykus @Finnjin
Lovingly Compiled by
Nancy Patrykus [Finnjin]

Here is a selection
of a few of
my favorite home recipes.
Some might tickle your fancy.
I would love to hear
comments if you try one,
Hugs, Nancy

Cover picture is of the
KOI pond, I painted
for my patio.


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Nancy J. Patrykus - May 26, 2012
so good of you..
GUess I was in a hurry..not thinking...LOL
Rose Selvar - May 25, 2012
That's okay Ma....we still LOVE you bunches.
It's easy to forget that part. Having the
same cover might have been confusing.
No apology needed.
Nancy J. Patrykus - May 25, 2012
SORRY...I was going to..BUT, decided two of the sam e cover.. would be confusing..
Rose Selvar - May 25, 2012
No apology necessary, sis....
Oh Phyllis....I looked up and saw what you
are referring to...
Yes Ma, you did say that the cover on this
cookbook was the painted Koi Pond.
Look at the top of this page.
Maybe you forgot to edit that part. 5/25/12
Phyllis Lively - May 25, 2012
yes rose, I saw that. Thanks for the explanation. But from the comment on this particular cookbook page it said something about the cover being the koi pond. That's what I get for jumping into the middle of a conversation. Open mouth insert foot - that's me. Sorry 'bout that ladies.
Rose Selvar - May 25, 2012
Yep. I just looked it up...8 cookbooks BACK she did one called
50 Tips and Crafts. The cover on that one has the painted Koi
Rose Selvar - May 25, 2012
I think Ma has a cookbook with the painted Koi Pond on the cover...it's NOT this one. I think it's her tips and crafts cookbook. 5/25/12
Rose Selvar - May 25, 2012
Seems like you are always doing two things
at once. hehehe..
Take care. {{HUGS}} 5/25/12
Phyllis Lively - May 25, 2012
uh oh - you said the cover picture was the painted koi pond... it a cute little cartoon duck with a flower 'umbrella'.... am I looking at the wrong cookbook? Nice cover tho. Great recipes inside Nancy!
Rose Selvar - May 25, 2012
I've gotta go into the kitchen and do the dishes
and clean up.
Was hoping to do some baking today. Not sure if I'll
get around to it. But I do gotta clean up the
So they take your blood too....My hubby gives blood every
now and then. 5/25/12
Rose Selvar - May 25, 2012
I was thinking you'd put your blueberry cobbler recipe in here. Your meatloaf recipe sure looks easy...and good...
I have tried a few of your recipes that are included in this
cookbook... 5/25/12
Nancy J. Patrykus - May 25, 2012
Morning Rose...

Morning Rose...I thought you would like it...LOL
Baking pot pies today, with the left overs from a roast chicken.
Then a 1pm appt.. for puppy to be beautified.
While that is being done,
I will be at the blood center,
giving another donation, don't cha know!!
Rose Selvar - May 25, 2012
Love the cover!!! LOL

50 Recipes in this Cookbook:

"CRADLE CAKE" for BABY JESUS BIRTHDAY "FINNISH KORVAPUUSTI" CINNAMON ROLLS or slap ears! "GEORGIA CORNMEAL CAKE" & WHY NO Cornmeal ! "HONIGKOCK"a DUTCH BUTTER CAKE From a Penn.1968 Church Cookbook "OLD ALLIGATOR GRILL" CAJUN KISSES -cheese& shrimp stuffed jalapeno"s "VODKA CHEER CAKE" for the HOLIDAYS..LOL 'GREEN FIRE" BAKED CHICKEN BREASTS 2 DANISH ALMOND PUFFS A FLAMING CHRISTMAS CAKE A RED HAT "SCARLETT FLOZZIE" VODKA MARTINI ANGEL WING CHRISTMAS, CHOCOLATE CAKE APPLE CINNAMON BUTTER SYRUP APPLE FRITTERS Deep Fried APPLE JACKS...uses Wonton Wrappers & Pie filling! APPLE PANDOWDY an Early COLONIAL Desert -(PIE) from the PENN. DUTCH BAKED TOMATO PUDDING ..OLD Family Heirloom Recipe BLUEBERRY COBBLER an Heirloom from the 40's! CANDIED CRUNCHY DILL PICKLE HUNKS.. CANNED SALMON PATTIES.. (The Best) CHOCOLATE WHIPPED CREAM PIE .. from scratch COMPLETE LEFTOVER TURKEY DINNER.. CAKE CRACKLIN BREAD ..(PORK FAT)... from southern Indiana CREAM of POTATO SOUP, better than a can version CRUSTY BREAD over night & no kneading! CRUSTY RHUBARB PIE .... no roll pastry DONUTS - "GRANDMA WALKERS" a plain old delicious recipe. FLANK STEAK,ROLLED & STUFFED..a stove top recipe FRIED FIELD RABBIT before Thanksgiving Day Dinner! GERMAN SOUP " KNOEPHLE" & Dumplings GRANNY's Hasty Breakfast Egg Casserole HARVARD BEETS, Grandma calls em GLAZED BEETS HASTY PUDDING -a very old cornmeal recipe HERITAGE RHUBARB CAKE Homemade NOODLES, no waiting to dry INDIAN FRY BREAD, ga-do-di-tsa-la-nu-hi-a-yv-wi-ya Irish Boxty (Crispy Fried Potato Cakes)A WIN! IRISH CASSEROLE with PORK CHOPS,ONIONS & APPLES MEATLOAF...My farm style 1954 recipe NESTORS Stuffed Cabbage Glomki (go-wump-key)- OLD MICH.FINNISH PASTIES say PASTEES Polish Kielbasa Maple Bites - (Grilled) POLISH SAUERKRAUT RYE BREAD..a Bread Machine Recipe Polish Sausage, Cabbage & Potatoes Soup POLISH WHITE BORSCHT ..soup Povitica - A POLISH WALNUT TUBE BREAD no yeast! SPARE RIBS and CABBAGE - The two step recipe TEQUILA COOKIES........ LOL ! TINY CORN DOG MUFFINS TURKEY BREAST ROAST & Mayonnaise trick VIDALIA ONION, CHICKEN,& MUSHROOM CASSEROLE