Mostly Appetizers!

Mostly Appetizers!
Created February 2012

Vergie Montgomery
By Vergie Montgomery @CookinwV
Lovingly Compiled by
Vergie Montgomery [CookinwV]

This book is for the party animal who loves to entertain but who also, on occasion, likes to eat a meal or two! Hope you enjoy.

Oh and by the way, thanks to all you cooks out there who contributed your recipes for the world to enjoy. I salute you!

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Vergie Montgomery - over a year ago
You're welcome. Again, keep 'em coming!!!
Carol Junkins - over a year ago
Thanks Vergie for adding one of my recipes in this great book, excellent recipes in it.
Vergie Montgomery - over a year ago
Just love you guys - and your recipes.
Bonnie . - over a year ago
Vergie, thanks for including 3 of my recipes; I am so honored you like my food! Nice cookbook and nice recipes. :D
Karla Everett - over a year ago
Another nice cookbook , your on a roll..keep making them!! :D
Norma DeRemer - over a year ago
Wonderful book Vergie and thanks for including my pork chop recipe.