Live Long And Eat Well

Live Long And Eat Well
Created December 2014

Tammy T
By Tammy T @ttodd4jesus
Lovingly Compiled by
Tammy Todd

May the Lord bless you with a full and happy life!

The picture on the cover is Jan's Grandmothers Puerto Rican Chocolate Cake and was submitted by JAP member Cat Ireland. This recipe can be found in the Desserts section of this book.

Dec 2014

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Tammy T - Dec 14, 2014
Thank you Kathy!! I love your recipe, Cheesy Olive Balls! I have made those and they are sooo good and addicting!! Hugs!!
Tammy T - Dec 14, 2014
Sandy, I love your recipe for Surprise Cookies! I so want to make those!! They sound so yummy! Thank you for posting it! There's another thing we share...our last name. :)
God Bless and Merry Christmas to you and your family! Hugs back!!
Kathy W - Dec 13, 2014
Great cookbook, Tammy! Thank you for including one of my recipes.
Sandy Todd - Dec 13, 2014
Wow! What a wonderful surprise Tammy! Thank you so very much for including my recipe for Surprise Cookies in your (our :0) ) cookbook. Happiest of holiday wishes for you and yours! (((Hugs)))
Teresa G - Dec 13, 2014
Congratulations on your beautiful new cookbook Tammy! Thank you for choosing one of my recipes to put in it. I'm honored. God bless you and have a beautiful Christmas. :-)
Rose Mary Mogan - Dec 13, 2014
Thanks Tammy for including one of my recipes in your beautiful cookbook.
Tammy T - Dec 13, 2014
Thank you so much Jeanne! I appreciate the kind words!! Your pie looks so good, another good one I have to make! I am honored to have your recipe in my book!! Hugs!!
Jeanne Gliddon - Dec 13, 2014
What a great cookbook Tammy and I love the cover's looks so festive! Thank you so much for including my Praline Pumpkin Pie recipe. I consider it an honor to be among all these great cooks and appreciate it so much!!
Tammy T - Dec 13, 2014
Thank you Tracey and thanks for the recipe! I love quiche and want to do your recipe for Christmas morning! :)
Tracey Fortier - Dec 13, 2014
Thanks for including my Mom's Christmas quiche in your cookbook. It looks so pretty (your cookbook)
Tammy T - Dec 13, 2014
Thank you Cassie! :D I love your recipes and look forward to making more of them! Hugs!!
Cassie * - Dec 13, 2014
Another wonderful cookbook,'re on a roll gal! Thanks for including some of recipes....Hugs! ♥
Tammy T - Dec 13, 2014
Hugs! :)
Bonnie . - Dec 13, 2014
Thank you, my friend! :)
Tammy T - Dec 13, 2014
Thank you Bonnie for sharing that yummy soup!! I have it on my list to make soon! Mmmmm!