Fried Chicken-Need I Say More

Fried Chicken-Need I Say More
Created January 2013

Nancy Allen
By Nancy Allen @mawmawnan
Lovingly Compiled by
Nancy Allen These are a few of the wonderful crispy "Fried Chicken" recipes I had no trouble finding on JAP. Now, these folks know how to do chicken!

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Nancy Allen - Jan 24, 2013
Thank you Teresa for posting this awesome fried chicken recipe. Just Wonderful! 8)
Teresa Howell - Jan 23, 2013
Thanks Nancy for including my Fried chicken recipe : )
Nancy Allen - Jan 20, 2013
Janet, Martha & Gail, Truly mouth watering recipes in this book and your three recipes I loved and had to add to this book. I have some good chicken cookbooks in my kitchen and they are well worn, so I thought this would be handy to have. Thank you Ladies, Hugs! 8)
Gail Welch - Jan 19, 2013
Very nice cookbook! Thank you for including my mom's fried chicken recipe. This book has me craving FRIED CHICKEN!!!
Martha Price - Jan 19, 2013
Nancy, I am honered that you included my recipe along with all these GREAT sounding fried chicken recipes. Guess who will be serving fried chicken alot in the coming weeks? LOL! Thank you!
Ellen Bales - Jan 19, 2013
Nancy, when you said that about the smell of chicken frying, I was right there, back with my mother, and also my mother-in-law. Mmm, mmm, nothing like that aroma!
Janet Scott - Jan 19, 2013
WOW! GREAT book Nancy. This will be one to get out when trying to decide on how you want to make your fried chicken. Wonderful!!!!
Thank you so much for adding mine, your so so sooooo sweet!
Nancy Allen - Jan 19, 2013
Ellen, Rose Mary, & Carol, These recipes are awesome and they make you want go into the kitchen and fry up some chicken. Fried chicken is one of those food smells I associate with growing up. My Mother fried alot of comforting well seasoned chicken. Thank you Ladies! 8)
Carol Perricone - Jan 19, 2013
Hi Nancy,
Your fried chicken cookbook is amazing! Thank you for including my Baked Chicken with Parmesan Crust! I pinched a lot of the same recipes you have in the book, and plan on trying them all!!

Carol :)
Rose Mary Mogan - Jan 19, 2013
Well Nancy, I added the wrong recipe to my post above, I am sure it is a good recipe also, but here is my recipe, sorry about the error Coconut Flour Faux Fried Chicken/Oven Method
Rose Mary Mogan - Jan 19, 2013
Well it is early in the morning and I just view this wonderful cookbook Nancy. Thanks so much for including my recipe for Oven Fried Coconut Chicken There are many great recipes included,ann I would like to try them all . smile. What a wonderful compilation of Fried Chicken recipes.
Ellen Bales - Jan 19, 2013
Thank you so much, Nancy, for including my fried chicken in your new cookbook. Your book is really awesome--so many good recipes!