Berrylicious Delites

Berrylicious Delites
Created April 2012 (Second Edition)

Kimi Gaines
By Kimi Gaines @kimijo
Who doesn't like berries? We love to eat berries frozen, in smoothies, with ice cream. Whatever you do with them it is always a treat.

Kimi Gaines [kimijo]

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Kimi Gaines - Apr 10, 2012
Colleen, that is the preschool teacher in me. I still dream of ideas after being away from teaching since 2003. It's my heart!! I left because God called me away and also I was diagnosed the first time with brain cancer. I don't miss it, but I do miss my kiddos. Most of them are grown up now.
Gail Welch - Apr 10, 2012
What a beautiful book you created, Kimi! It is full of color and very appetizing. Thanks for including my recipe.
Colleen Sowa - Apr 9, 2012
Kimi, I love all of the themes you come up with.... xo
Kimi Gaines - Apr 9, 2012
Thank Colleen...My way to past time!!
Colleen Sowa - Apr 9, 2012
Hi Kimi! Another wonderful cook book.... xoxo