Some Like It Hot... Muy Caliente!

Some Like It Hot... Muy Caliente!
Created October 2011

Kim Biegacki
By Kim Biegacki @pistachyoo
These are all award winning recipes that all have some type of chile pepper in them. Some are spicy hot dishes and others have just a dash of heat.
Lovingly Compiled by Kim Biegacki

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Kim Biegacki - Oct 18, 2011
These cookbooks are great by the way. Just received my first one today. It is 8 1/2 by 11 and the pictures are nice and clear and really nice glossy front covers too.
Kim Biegacki - Oct 18, 2011
I didn't think about till you said it....Yeah that is a must!!! Funny thing is, my single friends "don't cook"... you got me thinking. hehe
Kim Biegacki - Oct 18, 2011
Hey Jenny, that would be a great recipe to slide into my "single" friends gifts this year for Christmas. -----I just may have to go and find your recipe and print it out! LOL
Jenny Moretz - Oct 18, 2011
Thank you so very much for including my Land Your Man Baked Beans recipe!! Ya know I hafta' buy it now!!!! THANK YOU!!!!
Kim Biegacki - Oct 12, 2011
your welcome Thea :-)
Thea Pappalardo - Oct 12, 2011
Kim, thanks for including my Mexican Pinwheels. I', honored.
Kim Biegacki - Oct 10, 2011
How exciting is that!!! Woohoo....I am excited for you! It sounds incredible and I love chicken chili. I have one I need to post but it doesn't have the kick like is more on the plain side. LOL
Tamra Miller - Oct 10, 2011
thanks for including me too. I was contacted today by the local newspaper, and my Chicken Chili Verde will be featured in the Life/Food section of the Fresno Bee this Wednesday. Everyone in my family is so excited. Thanks again.
Kim Biegacki - Oct 9, 2011
Thanks Karla :-)
Kim Biegacki - Oct 9, 2011
Your welcome Stephanie....I was excited to find your recipe when I was searching through our groups recipes. I haven't used stout ale but just told my husband that I wanted to make a trip to Cleveland to a microbrewery pub and restaurante to by some of their stout. I want to make a special cake with it. But now I will have another recipe to make with it too. The addition of the horseradish in your pub cheese sounds AMAZING!!!! Thanks for sharing your recipe.
Karla Everett - Oct 9, 2011
Thanks Kim and you did another awesome job , it pays to take your time , its perfectly layed out. I had to download this one too :D
stephanie tate - Oct 9, 2011
Thanks for including me in your cookbook.