Created November 2011

Roda Laser
By Roda Laser @Roda
Lovingly Compiled by
Roda Laser [Roda]
One of the best highlights of cold weather is enjoying a warm bowl of chili. Spicy, mild, or sweet, chili warms you up while the aroma draws your thoughts away from the cold outside and sets your taste buds dancing. Can you feel the warmth already?

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Roda Laser - Nov 16, 2011
Thanks to everyone and I am happy that you are pleased with the chili cookbook. Kim, I too like that you can "talk" with the person who has submitted a recipe and that others can ask questions about our recipes too. I do love JAP! :D Desiree, your chili recipe is good and I'm so glad you shared it.
Lillian Russo - Nov 16, 2011
Thank you so much for adding my recipe to your book! That also reminds me that I should submit that recipe into the chili contest!
Bonnie ^O^ - Nov 16, 2011
This is a very nice collection of chili recipes. Thanks for including both of mine!
Desiree Macy - Nov 16, 2011
Thank you for adding my recipe to your cookbook. No Guilt Chili (vegetarian) is really an awesome recipe. I have fed this to Many Meat eaters and they are shocked that it doesn't have meat in it and is so guilt free. I hope you have tried this recipe so you know just how good it really is.
Kim Biegacki - Nov 16, 2011
The recipes in this club are endless and there are so many great recipes. I love how we can make something and if we have a question we can ask that person. It is the selling point for me. It has encouraged me to cook even more. I saw a couple of chilis I would like to try in your cookbook that I hadn't seen before. More to save and more to make. hehe
Roda Laser - Nov 16, 2011
I glad that you like the chili cookbook and thank you for sharing your recipes! :D
Kim Biegacki - Nov 15, 2011
Roda, this cookcook looks great!!! Wonderful idea and thanks so much for including my Spicy Chocolate Chili (My Version of Cinci Chili) . I really appreciate it.
Jeanne Benavidez - Nov 15, 2011
This is a great collection of chili recipes. Thanks for including my chili verde recipe.