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Debby Nelson - over a year ago
Boy, am I slow - just discovered you included one of my recipes. Thanks so much Judy!
veronica wimbish - over a year ago
Oh wow thanks for including my recipe.
Karen Vandevander - over a year ago
Thank you for including me in your book Judy! Love the recipes you've chosen.
Judy Steward - over a year ago
Hi Susan; love the measurement chart, it will be very helpful when cooking. Sence joining (In a pinch) I've met some very nice people, love this website and chating with everyone and enjoying all the great recipes, and everything else!!
Judy Steward - over a year ago
Thank you Bernice; Your so welcome I love apple pies and this recipe sounds amazing, my mom made them from scatch these remind me of them, thank you for posting.
Susan Cutler - over a year ago
Hi Judy! I am honored...thanks The table you added is truly helpful and will be hopefully for others. Again Thank you! Stay in touch!
Bernice Mosteller - over a year ago
Thank you Judy, for including my recipe in your book. It is a great honor. May GOD Bless you.