Created August 2013

Nancy J. Patrykus
By Nancy J. Patrykus @Finnjin
G-is for
Here are a few wonderful recipes..
less we forget our family ties!
AUG. 22, 2013

Lovingly Compiled by
Nancy J. Patrykus [Finnjin]

JAP owns and sells them.
I compose them for fun only.

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Kimi Gaines - Oct 12, 2013
Nancy...I especially want to thank you for adding my Aunt Edna's recipe to you cookbook...She was just diagnosed with first stages of Lukeima. Please pray for her.
Janet Scott - Sep 2, 2013
It really is a great idea you did here for this cookbook, GREAT job and thank you for including my Aunt Mary's pineapple drop cookies :) HUGS!
Susan Feliciano - Aug 23, 2013
Great idea for a cookbook, Nancy. Thanks for including my recipes!
Colleen Sowa - Aug 22, 2013
Thank you for including two of my recipes! Great collection here! ox
Tara McCarter - Aug 22, 2013
Thank you Nancy for the wonderful honor of being in your cookbook.

50 Recipes in this Cookbook:

afghan for my great granddaughter by Stormy. Aunt Bessie's Frosted Fresh Orange Cookies Aunt Edna's Banana Bread Aunt Judie's Oatmeal Cookies aka THE Best Oatmeal Cookie EVER! Aunt Laura's "Chocolate Sheath Cake" and Frosting Aunt Linda's Corn Pudding Aunt Mary's Deep Dish Brownies Aunt Mary's Pineapple Drop Cookies Aunt Pams Brocolli Cheese Cassarole Aunt Ruthies Pinapple Cake Aunt Tour's Made-From-Scratch Biscuits Aunt Wilma's cheese dip BEANS & CORN - My Grandson's Recipe Beets In Grand Marnier Can You Believe (Grandpa's Baked Bean Sandwich) Coconut Custard Pie - Aunts Recipe Corn pudding by Aunt Jeannie Fajita Nachos Grande grand biscuit nests grandads whiskey cake Granddaughter, Grandma time Smores Grandgirl Grandma Shirley Bars aka Salted Nut Roll Bars GRANDPA ADAM'S SWEDISH RYE BREAD Grandpa Gus's Blueberry Cheesecake Grandpa Happys Perogies Grandpa Molina's Pork Adobo GRANDPA'S 5 POUND FUDGE Grandpa's Eggs and Poorman's Gravy Grandpa's Heavenly Hash Grandpa's Rice Pudding Grandpa's Sweet Potato Fries Grands Biscuit Donuts Great Aunt Hattie's Bubble & Squeak Great Grandad's Eggnog Great Grandpa Kennedy's MAPLE BALLS Hammy Green Bean Salad Sammie (Grandson named it the "Sloppy Dee") Homemade Grand Marnier Mexican Stuffed Cubanelles Grande! MY AUNT'S HOMEMADE CARAMEL SAUCE MY AUNT'S POUND CAKE Peach filling w/ Aunt Jemima Crumble Topping SALMON LOAF .. My GRANDPA WALKERS Favorite Meal Senator Al Franken's : Aunt Carla's Pumkin Cornbread Sue's Aunt Sadie's Hot Pepper Sauce The Grandest Donuts Uncle Donny's Bloody Mary Recipe Uncle D’s Chili and Cheddar Burger Uncle Luther's Brunswick Stew Vegetable Ala Grande Salad