Delicious Main Dish Recipes

Delicious Main Dish Recipes
Created August 2012

Doris Ware
By Doris Ware @dinkymax
Lovingly Compiled by
Doris Ware [dinkymax] This Is The Kinds Of Food We Eat A Lot Of.Simply Delicious Good Eating. Thank's To All On Just A Pinch And The Use Of Your Recipes.A Very Good Web Site We All Can Use!

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Bobbi Gulla - Sep 9, 2012
Nancy, you're making me drool... The only thing we have here in the winter are "red" [purple] onions. I THINK I may have seen "sweet white onions" but haven't tried them. I will now. Its a bit confusing to me...are the onions called "walla walla"? The same for "Maui Maui". [Although in my "hippie days" I've smoked Maui Wowie. lol] I've never even heard of either of them... I'm soooooooo jealous! What do you do in the winter? I'd send you $ to send me some but I'm not sure if its legal to transport vegetables privately accross state lines. In spite of my sordid past [with Maui Wowie] I don't ever break the law anymore! I'll call a local "We send it store" & check it out... TY for the info!!!
Nancy J. Patrykus - Sep 9, 2012
BOBBI,....We have walla, walla here in WA.
.yestersday...$1.39 a pound..
naturallI bought 2 large ones..
They are as good as Vadalias.
Have you ever had Maui, Maui...from HI....???
All three are delicious..
.Wish they would last over the winter!..........nancy...9/9/12
Guess it must be the sugat content......
you can not store them ...very long!....Nancy
Bobbi Gulla - Sep 9, 2012
I'm down to my last vidalia onion. :-(

You wouldn't believe how much I can get out of 1 vidalia. Heck, even I can't believe how much I could stretch out an onion. LOL

Now, everytime I make lunch or dinner [when appropriate] I ask my husband, "Vidalia or red?". He doesn't even laugh at me...he know I'm serious about my vidalias.

Good bye to all my summer fruits & vegetables. I enjoyed every bite of you.
Karen Sills - Sep 4, 2012
Thanks for adding my bacon wrapped meat loaf balls and dipping sauce to your book!
Bobbi Gulla - Sep 3, 2012

No onion in my ice cream either! lol

I also love tomatoes, but only when they're in season locally. I love a tomato sandwich: Potato roll, mayo, tomatoe, Accent, salt & pepper. A little fresh basil if I have it. I mention it becauseI have never found a way to make an onion sandwich...I just chop it up and put it in anyhthing even remotely possible. hahaha

Are you also into Vidalia onions? I LOVE sweet and no bad breath! In Philadelphia PA [where I live] you can only get Vidalias in season. When my local fuit/veggie stand ran out of vidalias, I ran to the supermarket where they still had them. I bough 8 of them. I'm down to 1 and 1/2. I plan to be very careful how I use them... I don't know if you know kimmik on'll see lots of her recipes in my recipe list, is also a Vidalia freak. She just sent me a private email telling me she can't get them anywhere anymore & she put on 3 "sad faces". If you're also a Vidalia lover, you may want to send kimmi your condolences...

Take care!
Doris Ware - Aug 31, 2012
Your Welcome ! And I Thank You For The Post Of The Meatloaf You Know Why ?
Because I Like Onions All By Their Self And In Most Of Every Thing.But Not In My Ice Cream Yet!
Bobbi Gulla - Aug 31, 2012
TY so much for including my "Meatloaf for Onion Lovers" in your cook book!!! I don't think I've ever gotten a blue ribbon, I have gotten a few "family tested & approved" but THIS is the biggest compliment I've had since finding JAP last winter 2012.

Janette Suber - Aug 20, 2012
Thank you Nancy for adding my "Waldorf Chicken Salad Wanna Be" to your great book of recipes, I am honored..... :)
Doris Ware - Aug 20, 2012
Thank You Stormy ! You Have So Many Good Recipe's Hard To Make Up My Mind Which One To Use.
Stormy Stewart - Aug 20, 2012
nice and thanks for including mine in such a creative cooks book
Doris Ware - Aug 20, 2012
Thank You Nancy ! Still Don't Know What I'm Doing Yet But Hope I Will Get It Done Anyway.
Nancy J. Patrykus - Aug 20, 2012
a wonderful cookbook..
.I Positivily......
LOVE the recipes....
Doris Ware - Aug 20, 2012
Your Most Welcome Julia ! They Are Easy To Make For My Little! Grand Kids.So I Thank You!
Julia Ferguson - Aug 20, 2012
Thank you Doris for using my Orange Push-Up Jello recipe.
Great job on your book, lots of hearty recipes. Loved it.
Doris Ware - Aug 19, 2012
Thank You Lynn! For The Use Of Your Recipe .So Add Some More Recipes On Here All Of The On Here So Good ! I Look Every Day!