Meatloaf for Onion Lovers

Bobbi Gulla


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I've been using this recipe for 34 years. It's always a hit! Please note that I use "meatloaf mix" [pork/veal/beef]. You can use ground beef but it just doesn't have the flavor worthy of posting on JAP...


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It depends. My husband & I eat it with sides, using almost 1/2. Leftover are best used as sandwiches
10 Min
45 Min


1 1/2 lb
meatloaf mix [pork/veal/beef grinded together]
in philadelphia pa, the meatloaf mix is next to the beef section on the meat aisle. you can always ask the supermarkett's bucher to make up your package. if the butcher is friendly, you can call before you're coming to get it.
1/2 c
ketchup [heinz is best for this dish]
1/2 c
onion - diced [use vidalia if in season]
1/3 c
plain bread crumbs
1/2 tsp
accent [flavor enhancer] optional
salt to taste
fresh ground black pepper to taste
water [amount will be discussed in directions]


1Preheat oven to 350 degrees
2In a large mixing bowl add egg, ketchup, Accent, salt & black pepper

Using wire whisk, mix until well blended
3Take off any rings you're wearing!!!!

One time I bit into my engagement ring! A lesson I didn't have to learn twice... lol
4Add meat to bowl
5Add bread crumbs on top of meat.
6Add onion on top of breadcrumbs.
7Combine mixture by squeezing it together with your fingers until well blended.

For germophobes, I respectfully suggest that you use sterle latex or npn-latex gloves. This will help you get through the sqeezing process...
8Use any glass or Corning Ware tray that will fit

Make the loaf any shape that tickles your fancy.

Loaf pan is not required
9Put your rings back on lol
10Place water into the tray up to 1/2" -1/3" from the bottom of the loaf. This will help stop burning
11Bake 30-45 minutes or util done. To check for doneness, make a cut where you would make the 1st slice. Make sure it is well done [brown]. You will see grease on the top of the loaf &/or on the tray. Don't worry, it will slide off the loaf; may need a little encouraging. This happens more when using ground beef rather than veal/pork/beef mixture
13Add pepper
14Add egg
15take off rings
16Meat to bowl
17add onions on top of meat

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