Great Cooks and Cookbooks

Great Cooks and Cookbooks
Created November 2011

Beth M.
By Beth M. @BakinTime
Lovingly Compiled by
Beth Mayhew [BakinTime]

Since joining JUSTAPINCH in the past year, I have collected over seven hundred recipes and over fifty favorite cooks. This little book features some of those people who have posted recipes that I wish to save in a special place on my bookshelves.

I love to eat and most of all I love to cook and bake. You have stirred up my desire to try new recipes! Thank You All!

November 16, 2011

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Kathy Sterling - Feb 11, 2012
Hi Beth, thanks for including some of my recipes in your great cookbook. There sure are some great recipes in your book that I would like to try.
Beth M. - Feb 10, 2012
I'm happy to have included your recipe.
Tara McCarter - Feb 9, 2012
Beth, thank you for the honor of being in your cookbook.
Beth M. - Feb 9, 2012
You're welcome! Looks like a good recipe, and I've saved some others of yours.
Eddie Jordan - Feb 9, 2012
Hay Beth, Thank you for using my Steak Parmesan. IN YOUR NEW COOKBOOK!!
Aurora McBee - Nov 25, 2011
Aw, Beth! That's a great honor! Thanks for including my recipe!
Sherri Williams - Nov 19, 2011
thanks for including my resipe in this great cookbook! love all the recipes. great job! sw☺
Beth M. - Nov 19, 2011
I'm excited and can hardly wait for them to be delivered!
Kathy Sterling - Nov 19, 2011
Beth, thanks for the great cookbook and for including some of my recipes. I am honored to be among so many JAP great cooks.
maria maxey - Nov 18, 2011
Thank u Beth very nice book.
Doreen Fish - Nov 18, 2011
Thank u Beth...lovely book and than u for using my recipes...I am honored!!
Tara McCarter - Nov 17, 2011
Beth, thank you for the honor of being in your book. And more so for the wonderful words you put on it too. :)
Carol Junkins - Nov 17, 2011
Love this book Beth ! Great recipes in it, hard to pick the ones to put in isn't it, sooo many good ones, tks for including some of mine as well !
Karla Everett - Nov 17, 2011
Beth , very nice book :D
Beth M. - Nov 17, 2011
It's my pleasure, they are now in a "special place" in my heart also!