Brownies Anyone?

Brownies Anyone?
Created January 2015

Eileen Hineline
By Eileen Hineline @HappyCooking56
Lovingly Compiled by
Eileen Hineline [emh52]
A chocolate brownie is a flat, baked dessert square that was developed in the United States at the end of the 19th century and popularized in both the U.S. and Canada during the first half of the 20th century. It is a cross between a cake and a soft cookie in texture,[1] and comes in a variety of forms. Depending on their density they may be either fudgy or cakey, and may include nuts, icing, chocolate chips, or other ingredients.
Pour yourself a cold glass of milk and enjoy the many varieties of brownies included in this book. Many thanks to all JAP cooks for their sweet delicious recipes! On the cover isINCREDIBLE TURTLE BROWNIES
By Ellen Bales Starwriter, they look so delicious,I am pouring my glass of milk now! Enjoy the brownies everyone.

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Eileen Hineline - Jan 24, 2015
Hello Lora digs-Im so happy to include your delicious recipe! Glad you like the book!
Lora DiGs - Jan 24, 2015
Eileen Hineline - Jan 24, 2015
Good morning Jeanne Gliddon- I made the cookbook for my middle son Christian,he is a major brownie freak in the family! I make brownies all the time,mostly the simple way,plain. I decided to see the many ways you can make them and was surprised like you were,how awesome for all the ways you can bake them. I don't have a sweet tooth much but maybe this will change now,lol. Im glad you like the recipes,like you,I will be baking many of the recipes! enjoy-Have a great day-Hugs.
Jeanne Gliddon - Jan 24, 2015
Oh my goodness Eileen, you certainly hit the ball where my sweet tooth is! I see so many delicious sounding Brownie recipes that I didn't even know existed. There are several that I want to try as soon as possible. They will go to family and friends because I'm not suppose to eat gluten but I've been know to cheat once in a while, lol! So I will definitely be tasting these wonderful treats! Good job on another terrific cookbook!

50 Recipes in this Cookbook:

Almond Joy Brownie Bites Banana Cream Cheese Brownies Banana Split Brownie Pizza Beer, Bacon, Espresso Chipotle "Love" Brownies Blintz Brownie Bites Blonde Brownies Blonde Chocolate Chip Brownies Brownie Bite S'mores Brownie Bites with Mint Cream Cheese Swirls Brownie Brittle Eggnog Cheesecake Bars Brownie Cheesecake Bars Brownie Cherry Pizza Brownie Fruit Kabobs Brownie Oatmeal Cookies Butterscotch Brownies - Low Sugar/Diabetic Friendly Recipe Cheery Cherry Fudge Brownies CHOC DIPT COCONUT & P.BUTR CHUNK BROWNIE COOKIE Chocolate Brownie Cookies CHOCOLATE BROWNIE HEAVEN or FIVE LAYER BROWNIES ! Chocolate Raspberry Ecstacy Bites Coconut Meringue Dark Chocolate Brownies Dulce-Frosted Chipotle Brownies Flourless Brownies Flourless Chocolate Brownies Grandma's Secret Apple Brownies! Hawaiian Brownies INCREDIBLE TURTLE BROWNIES Layers of Love Chocolate Brownies Lemon Streusl Brownie Macaroon Brownie Bites Maple Butterscotch Brownies Mexican Hot Chocolate Brownies Mocha Coconut Brownies Oatmeal Brownies Peanut Buster Pizza Peanut Butter Truffle Brownies Ralph's Mom's Decadent Kailua Nut Brownies Raspberry Zebra Brownies Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownie Bars Roger's Two-Tone Brownies S'more Blonde Brownies Salted Caramel Brownies Sexy Smooth Cheesecake Butterscotch Brownies Snicker Brownie Bites Triple Layer Fudgy Mint Brownies Triple Orange Fudgy Brownies with Orange Glazed Pecans Ultimate Brownie Cookies Vanilla Brownies WAFFLE IRON (Easy!) Triple Chocolate Brownies ! White Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Brownie Bites