My Garden Of Relish

My Garden Of Relish
Created July 2012

gaynel mohler
By gaynel mohler @gaynel
Lovingly Compiled by
gaynel mohler [gaynel]
Summertime gives us bounty of plenty from the gardens we plant , sow and weed.
From this we select our best for the table and the smidgens of this and that left from each crop, we chop and pickle.
It adds a garnish of complicity to our feasts.
These recipes will keep in a jar till we open

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gaynel mohler - over a year ago
It is free to make a book. just put it together. the book itself printed from JAP costs vary
vivian johnson-mcmillian - over a year ago
Thanks for including my recipe in your book.
Susan Bickta - over a year ago
Hi Gaynel!!! Thanks for including my recipe in your newest book!! Lots of great recipes in this one...........
Tina Simpson - over a year ago
Gaynel, I am pretty new to justapinch. Still learning how it works. I am with Gloria on the question of what it cost to do a cookbook. Thanks for posting my relish in your cookbook. I have been trying a lot of recipes from everyone on this site... I fear I will be putting on the pounds. There are many delicious recipes I have saved.
Gloria Gasperson'Giddings - over a year ago
Gaynel, Great job on your cookbook and also thank you for adding my relish too your collection. How much does it cost to do one these cookbooks ?
Thanks again ,i love your pie crust cookie recipe im going to make them in the near future for my family ... Stay cool for the rest of this awful heat wave that we are having .... God Bless
gaynel mohler - over a year ago
You're welcome Robin
Robin Grover - over a year ago
Awesome collection! :) Thanx for adding me!
gaynel mohler - over a year ago
You're welcome Stormy :)
You know all the times you added some of mine and so did others, I didn't scroll down and see a place for comments and thank yous LOL
bit slow here I guess, so thanks for all previous additions of my recipes hon
Stormy Stewart - over a year ago
very nice thanks for adding mine