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Stormy Stewart - Mar 18, 2012
PLease post Rose Mary. I plan of making many crowd sige dishes asmake ahead dished and there is also my daughters wedding coming up.
Colleen Sowa - Mar 18, 2012
Very cool book Stormy! xo
Rose Mary Mogan - Mar 17, 2012
You ar so welcome Stormy, I have other crowd size recipes when ever you need some more. I only posted one I think.
Stormy Stewart - Mar 17, 2012
Thank you all it wouldn't of been a book without you all.
FREDA GABLE - Mar 16, 2012
WOW, This is Neat. . . Thanks Stormy for Adding My recipes in your Collection!!!
Rose Mary Mogan - Mar 16, 2012
Thanks for including my recipe in you magnificent book Stormy. I appreciate it.
Nancy J. Patrykus - Mar 16, 2012
Just looked inside..
You have some really GREAT recipes
gathered in one book!!
Good job.
Nancy J. Patrykus - Mar 16, 2012
You honor me..
Thank you sweetie, Nancy

50 Recipes in this Cookbook:

*** Mom's Layered Salad For A Crowd *** 9 Dozen Peanut Butter Cookies By Freda Amish Anderson Sauce Amish Brine for Canning Beef Steaks Amish Brine for curing meat Amish Canned Meatloaf Amish Canned Sloppy Joes (For 6 qt's bone meat) Amish Homemade Salami Amish pancake syrup Amish Pizza Sauce #1 Amish Pizza Sauce #2 Amish Sausage (50 # meat) Amish Sausage Link mix Amish Sausage Seasoning for canning Amish Smoked Ham Brine Another Amish sausage recipe for 60 lbs of meat Bar B-Q for a crowd BBQ for a crowd Chicken Casserole For a Crowd Chili For A Crowd COCONUT RAISIN DROP COOKIES for 100 by freda Crab Salad 4 A Crowd Crisp Chocolate Cookies for 100 by Freda Crowd-Pleaser Green Bean Casserole. Decadent Cherry-Chocolate Cupcakes for a Crowd Easy Italian Focaccia Bread for a Crowd Family Reunion Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix FRESH PICO DE GALLO MEXICAN DIP FOR YOUR CROWD Garlic Alfredo Pasta Noodles Granny's Ham and Potato Gratin for a Crowd Heart Attack Mac for a Crowd Home-Style Beef 'n Noodles w/Mushrooms and Onions for a Crowd HOT TAMALES FOR A CROWD Italian Style Pasta Salad for a crowd Large Crowd Hot Dog Sauce LEMON SLICES ...-for 50 LEMON COOKIES for 100 By Freda mac salad for 100 (is for 10) Make Ahead Party Mashed Potatoes monster cookies *large batch* party kabobs for a crowd Peach Dessert for a crowd By Freda Pine-O-Berry Party Punch PINEAPPLE CHICKEN for a Crowd, (100) By Freda ROSE'S PARTY PUNCH Sausage and Baked Beans For A Crowd SCREWBALL(WACKY) CAKE For A CROWD Slushy Party Punch Stuffed Hamburgers for a Crowd Turkey Loaf For A Crowd