Soups  n'  Sandwiches

Soups n' Sandwiches
Created January 2014

Gretchen ***
By Gretchen *** @gcolie
A collection of some of my favorite JAP recipes for soups, burgers, wraps, and sammies.
Gretchen Hampton Jan/2014

Cover photo: Linda Dalton's Simple Potato Cheese Soup

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Gretchen *** - over a year ago
Your welcome Tammy! Love a good bean and bacon soup :)
Tammy T - over a year ago
Just noticed you added my HOMEMADE BEAN & BACON SOUP
recipe in your lovely cookbook Gretchen! Thank you so much!! Hugs!
Gretchen *** - over a year ago
Thanks Noreen :)
Nor Mac - over a year ago
Awesome Gretchen
Gretchen *** - over a year ago
Love that soup :)
Amanda Huetson - over a year ago
thank you for using my recipe in your book! =]
Linda Dalton - over a year ago
Gretchen, I know a few of the ladies on this site have made it and have been very happy with the taste and simplicity of the soup. I make it all the time (simple and quick) and it works for me. Hope you enjoy. And thanks for the cover photo, I'm really honored!
Gretchen *** - over a year ago
Thanks for sharing your recipe Jeanne! :)
Deli Style Sandwiches
Gretchen *** - over a year ago
Great recipe Bobby :))
Gretchen *** - over a year ago
Linda I plan on making your Simple Potato Cheese Soup soon- looks delicious!
Jeanne Gliddon - over a year ago
What a great cookbook Gretchen! I want to thank you for including my Deli Style Sandwich in it. I also hope that people will try the sandwich and enjoy it as much as my family does. Thanks again; I really appreciate it!
Bobby (*_*) - over a year ago
Thank you Gretchen for including my recipe. Bobby
Linda Dalton - over a year ago
This looks like a fabulous book Gretchen. Thank you for including some of my recipes, I am honored.
Irisa Raina 9 - over a year ago
Well I can't speak for Cassie or Andy but I may be an oldie but I'm quick...ha ha ha...
You are too mind and I thank you!
Cassie * - over a year ago
Great Gretchen!...hope you like them...they are nothing fancy, but my family loves them...they didn't last half the!