Southern Comfort

Southern Comfort
Created December 2011 (Fourth Edition)

Gail Welch
By Gail Welch @sugarshack
Southern hospitality is well known
and delicious comfort food contributes to the
south's well deserved reputation.
Lovingly Compiled by
Gail Welch [sugarshack]
Dedicated to my friend, Brenda Hudson

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Gail Welch - Jun 3, 2012
You are so welcome!
cyzanne cothran - Jun 3, 2012
thanks for including my recipe!
Gail Welch - Dec 29, 2011
Thank you, Melissa and you are welcome. Happy New Year to you and yours!
Melissa Williamson - Dec 29, 2011
Gail, it is a good book! Thank you for including one of my recipe. Happy New Year!! God Bless You and Your Family!!
Gail Welch - Dec 22, 2011
Thank you, Christine. She is some better today but still critical.
Christine Whisenhunt - Dec 21, 2011
Aww, I'll be praying for your niece, Gail!
Gail Welch - Dec 21, 2011
I wish you a very a Merry Christmas, Nancy.
Our Christmas this year is going to be centered around my little 8 year old niece. She is in the PICU with pneumonia and collapsed lungs and not doing well. We are praying for a Christmas miracle.
Hugs to you, too.
Nancy J. Patrykus - Dec 21, 2011
So many of the ladies have put my
recipes in there cook books..I feel so honored!!
But thanks Gail..for your support...
Have a wonderful Christmas...Hugs, nancy
Gail Welch - Dec 21, 2011
Thanks, Christine, Nancy & Karla. I just can't help but love southern
cookin'. Nancy, you're gonna have to make a cookbook. You have so many wonderful recipes.
Karla Everett - Dec 21, 2011
Gail , really nice cookbook!!
Nancy J. Patrykus - Dec 21, 2011
Thanks Gail for including my recipes.
Wish I had posted my recipe I put on today.
To late for your cook book dern it!
A HOPPIN JOHN SOUP for the New Years GOOD LUCK !!!
a southern tradition.....
Christine Whisenhunt - Dec 21, 2011
GREAT book, Gail! So many yummy recipes!