Beans, Soups & Breads

Beans, Soups & Breads
Created January 2014

Cassie *
By Cassie * @1lovetocook1x
Lovingly Compiled by
Cassie - [1lovetocook1x]

There is nothing like a great pot of beans and a big ole slice of cornbread along side of em...I love this list of beans, soups and breads...Enjoy!

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Cassie * - Jan 14, 2014
You're welcome Jean...the recipe sounds wonderful...thanks for sharing your recipe. :)
Cassie * - Jan 14, 2014
You're welcome Lisa...your recipe looks delicious! :)
Jean Romero - Jan 13, 2014
Cassie, thank you so much for putting my Goldwater Bean soup recipe in you very nice cook book. Jean
Lisa Swarm - Jan 12, 2014
Cassie, thank you so much for including my Red Beans and Rice recipe in your cookbook. What an honor to be selected in a book with all these other great cooks. You have a wonderful collection in this book. :)
Cassie * - Jan 10, 2014
Thank you Grace, and I can't wait to try your recipe...Happy to have the recipe in my cookbook...
Cassie * - Jan 10, 2014 much as I love pinto's...I cannot fathom eating then on apple pie...he had to have really loved! Thank you for sharing that story...I'm also glad this book bought back a very special memory...:))
Cassie * - Jan 10, 2014
Susan...would love to be in your kitchen right now, to smell that delicious looking soup...thanks for sharing the recipe...:))
Cassie * - Jan 10, 2014
You're welcome Ellen...will take me forever in a day to try all of these delicious looking recipes...:))
Cassie * - Jan 10, 2014
You're welcome Bonnie...all of your food looks awesome...thank you...:))
Susan Bickta - Jan 10, 2014
What an honor to be included in a cookbook with so many awesome home cooks!! Thanks for including my recipe for Country Ham and Bean Soup with Smoked Sausage! Your timing is perfect as I am planning on making this soup tomorrow ..... using that delicious broth that I froze from our Christmas ham!!!
Ellen Bales - Jan 9, 2014
What a great cookbook, Cass! Thanks so much for including some of my favorite recipes! Keep up the good work!
Bonnie ^O^ - Jan 9, 2014
Thank you, Cassie, for including my HAMBONE BEAN SOUP recipe in your lovely cookbook! :)
Grace Pulley - Jan 9, 2014
Great selection of bean recipes and complimentary bread choices to serve alongside. Nothing more simple and satisfying than a good ole pot of beans. Before I forget thank you for including one of my recipes in your cookbook. I am honored.
Jeanne Gliddon - Jan 9, 2014
My father's most favorite meal was pinto beans with cornbread. Once to prove that he could eat pinto beans on anything, he put a ladle full over a piece of apple pie! Can you believe that? What a waste of a perfectly good piece of apple pie, lol! But he had to eat it all to prove that he was serious. This is another great cookbook Cassie and it brought back a very special memory of my Dad so thank you for that!
Cassie * - Jan 9, 2014
Thank you Carol...took a break from cooking, but have some goodies to come...hugs!!!