Saint Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick's Day
Created October 2011

Deneece Gursky
By Deneece Gursky @Smokeygirlxo
You won't find corned beef and cabbage or ham and cabbage here. What you will find are recipes that arent quite so common : )

Lovingly Compiled by
Deneece Gursky [Smokeygirlxo]

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Deneece Gursky - Oct 31, 2011
oh how awesome monica! i bet you have some terrific recipes!! my family is going to ireland next year together : )
Monica H - Oct 28, 2011
My hubby is from Ireland and this is FANTASTIC, Deneece! I will sure be using this cookbook a lot!
Deneece Gursky - Oct 22, 2011
ooo thanks for sharing that colleen!! hugs my friend..and yes i would think u r a wee bit irish lol
Colleen Sowa - Oct 20, 2011
Irish Potatoes and Point Here is a link to an old Irish recipe/custom.... xo
Colleen Sowa - Oct 20, 2011
Hi Deneece.... I am a wee bit Irish... My maiden name: Colleen Patricia Sullivan!!! LOL I love the book.... and so many great recipes.... Cute cover too... Thanks for including my recipes! xo
Deneece Gursky - Oct 20, 2011
lol carol i love everyone who loves fun and life : )
Carol Junkins - Oct 20, 2011
I am half Italian and half Irish ~ love Patty as well.
Deneece Gursky - Oct 20, 2011
I am 1/2 Irish and 1/2 German lol and St. Patty's DAy is one of my fave holidays! the food the fun the atmosphere. Us Irish folk are alot of fun : ) all are welcome and thanks for having such great recipes!!!
Carol Junkins - Oct 19, 2011
Nice book Deneece, great recipes, and tks for including one of mine!
Kim Biegacki - Oct 19, 2011
Everytime I see that Rueben Dip and the recipe for Rueben Stew it makes me want to run out and buy some corn beef and make both of them. I am so excited about St. Patty's this coming year that I have so many recipes to choose from. It will be such a great dinner. Great cookbook Deneece and thanks for including several of my recipes.
Heather M. Baker - Oct 19, 2011
Thanks so much for including my recipe as well. Have a good one.
Penny Hall - Oct 19, 2011
Cute Idea, and thanks for posting my eggs in a basket. I also have a recipe for Irish Scones you might want to try.