50 COLORADO Recipes

50 COLORADO Recipes
Created May 2012

Nancy J. Patrykus
By Nancy J. Patrykus @Finnjin
Lovingly Compiled by
Nancy Patrykus [Finnjin]
Dusty mining hamlets
maintain their ghosts.
Caves of ancient cliff dwellers
of Mesa Verde.
Great Sand Dunes, Garden of the Gods,
Piles Peak and cadets zooming high.
Canyons, Big Horn sheep
& mile high Denver.
Golden Aspens & Coors beer!
Recipes are from Colorado
cooks and friends
Cover picture taken by Nancy.

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Nancy J. Patrykus - Jun 2, 2012
You are so welcome...
You're Banna Split Pie....YUMMY!!!
a keeper...Thank YOU!
Samantha Shirley-Peoples - Jun 1, 2012
What an honor Mrs. Nancy, Thank you for adding my recipe. Hoping everyone enjoys it just as much as my family and friends do.
Nancy J. Patrykus - Jun 1, 2012
I Thank you...luv you're drink combinations..
I had a dear friend that lived in Aurora... visited her many times.....I miss her.. we had picnics up in the mountains amid the beautiful golden aspins!!
Such sweet memories.....
Patrice Manning - Jun 1, 2012
Thanks so much Nancy! That is a super nice picture of Colorado and thanks for including my recipes!
The Denver post doesn't put the mixed drinks in the food section any more. boo hoo. I am so glad you used them.
Rose Selvar - May 31, 2012
Comment that I want to make on 50 Colorado Recipes.
For some reason the computer would not finish
loading pages...I couldn't get past page 39.
Will try later.
HUGS, Rose
Rose Selvar - May 31, 2012
Love that COVER picture, Ma. BEAUTIFUL!!
Gotta look inside too.... 5/31/12
Nancy J. Patrykus - May 30, 2012
Paul..Thank you.
I have to try your recipe.....
rhubarb and cherries..a moovie stars cheaters pie..
I like the idea.
This is a keeper..
Thank you
Gail Welch - May 30, 2012
We are thinking close to San Antonio...Boerne, TX in the fall...possibly this Sept.
Paul Bushay - May 30, 2012
Thanks for using my Diabetic Mile High Movie Star Cheater's Pie (Cherry – Rhubarb) Nancy!
Nancy J. Patrykus - May 30, 2012
Where is hat held???
close to Dallas..????
Gail Welch - May 30, 2012
I wish I could! Hoping just to be able to make it to our Texas Round up this fall. I'm looking forward to meeting my friends here on JAP!
Nancy J. Patrykus - May 30, 2012
YES..go in the fall when the aspin
.. leaves turn a glorious yellow!!!
Gail Welch - May 30, 2012
Makes me want to go to Colorado!
Nancy J. Patrykus - May 30, 2012
Rose Mary...Such a compliament!!
I am just a cook passing on some recipes
from these great cooks...
Actually I amaze my self!!!LOL
I hope to have 50 cookbooks when I am done!!!

Get your credit card out Rose....tee hee
Nancy J. Patrykus - May 30, 2012
Thanks Gail....Cover..is apicture I toke in Colorado...
Lovely, eh???