Created January 2012

Gail Welch
By Gail Welch @sugarshack
Fifty recipes with a twist, just for the fun of it!
Lovingly Compiled by
Gail Welch [sugarshack]

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Gail Welch - Jan 19, 2012
Thanks and you are welcome, ladies.
Tara Pacheco - Jan 19, 2012
What a great idea! I loved looking through your selections.. so many great recipes with a "twist". Thanks for including one of my mine :)
Joanne Bellezza-Loughlin - Jan 19, 2012
What a cute idea for a cookbook. Thanks for including my Maple Twists!!!
Kelly Williams - Jan 19, 2012
Omg, what a cute book!!!! LOVE it!!! :D
Gail Welch - Jan 18, 2012
Hi Freda. While I was looking for something to cook, I kept coming across all these great recipes. "Twisted" seemed like a fun title. Not to be confused with "Wasted." Although the drink glasses on the cover kind of make me think of being a little "wasted" and twisted. LoL It's just my quirky sense of humor.
FREDA GABLE - Jan 18, 2012
Gail, Thanks for adding My recipe, "TWISTED" Wow, How neat is that??
That NAME caught my Attention.
Bonnie, I also Love the Taste Of anything Maple.
Gail Welch - Jan 18, 2012
You're welcome, Bonnie. I love the taste of maple!
Bonnie Glazier - Jan 18, 2012
Thank you for including the Maine Maple Danish Twists. Sounds like some great recipes!
Gail Welch - Jan 18, 2012
Thanks, Karla and Christine. I am looking forward to doing some twisted cooking! lol
Christine Whisenhunt - Jan 18, 2012
Great idea, Gail! Some good recipes too! Good job!
Karla Everett - Jan 18, 2012
Great book Gail , I didn't know there was so many Twisted recipes !!...LOL...saved :D

50 Recipes in this Cookbook:

Almond Cookies with a Twist AUSTRIAN APPLE TWISTS Butter Twists Chicken Spaghetti with a Twist Cin's "Easy Italian Style Meatloaf w/a twist" Cinnamon and Sugar Twisted Delites Cins Twist on the Lemon Pound Cake Cranberry sauce simple with a twist Creamy Chicken Enchiladas with a Twist DIANE'S HAM AND CHEESE WITH A TWIST EASY BAKED CHEESE & VEGETABLE TWIST Elvis sandwhich with a twist and shake Fried Cabbage with a twist Fruit Salad With A Twist Ginger Lemonade Homemade Buttermint Twists Honey Almond Twist Ice Cream Twist Mac and cheese with a twist Maine Maple Danish Twists Mama's Chicken Caccitore with a Twist Maple Pecan Crescent Twist Maple Twist Cookies Meatloaf With A Southwest Twist Moist German Chocolate Cake with a Twist Nana's Lasagna..with my twist New ~Twist on the ""old""Enchillada~ Oven Pork Roast w/ A Twist PAPA'S GRILLED CHICKEN WITH A TWIST !!!! Pecanamon Twists Pineapple (not upside down)Cake with a twist Pizza Twist Polish Twist (Thief Boys) Refried Beans with a twist (Frijoles Maneados) Secret Kiss Cookies/Russian Tea Cakes with a twist Southern "Georgia Peach Cake" with a twist Stuffing with a twist. Sweet & Sour Meatballs (with 7 different twists) TENDER JUICY BAKED HAM WITH A TWIST Texas Twister Chicken Twist on Grandma's Tuna Casserole Twisted Bread Twisted Chicken and Dumplings Twisted Christmas Tree Bread Twisted Corned Beef Dinner Twisted Pizza Dogs twisted stew Twisted Up Pretzels Twister Turkey Kabobs yummy spaghetti twist