Grandpa's Farm

Grandpa's Farm
Created November 2011 (Third Edition)

Gail Welch
By Gail Welch @sugarshack
Dedicated in remembrance of
Earl A. Hobbs,
hardworking farmer, avid outdoorsman and a wonderful cook.
Nov 18,1895-Jun 6,1977
Lovingly Compiled by: Gail Welch
Cover: Grandpa & Me-1956

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Gail Welch - over a year ago
Thank you everyone for the kind sentiments. For those of you that still have your grandparents and parents-treasure them because they ARE a living treasure. I was fortunate enough to know both sets of my grandparents and a couple of great grandmothers on my mother's side. Precious memories are all I have left. If you can, try to get their recipes for future generations to enjoy. I sure wish that I had my Grandpa Hobbs' "Brick Chili." Thanks again to all of you. It was with a sentimental spirit that I selected your recipes for this book that is near and dear to my heart.
Colleen Sowa - over a year ago
Hi Gail! Great Book!!!! I love the photo and dedication! So sweet..... I only knew one of my grandpas... he had a Southern drawl.... he was from New Orleans.... I was fortunate enough to know all of my grandmothers and my great grandmother on my father's side.... This brought back sweet memories for me... Thanks! Thank you for including my recipe too! xo
Karla Everett - over a year ago
Gail ,Very nice book , you did a really good job! I love that you dedicated it to your Grandpa. :D
Laurie Roberts - over a year ago
What a wonderful idea for a cookbook Gail! I'm fortunate to have my 96 yr old grandmother still with us and the stories she has shared are heartwarming and touching. These are the kinds of foods she grew up on and has shared with us too. I loved her red beans and cornbread, her homemade fry bread, ranch style enchiladas, and endless pies and desserts..thank you for including my recipe in this very creative and memory-filled cookbook!
Jeanne Benavidez - over a year ago
Gail, thank you so much for including my Mom's Pecan Pie recipe in your book. It is such a great collection of recipes that I grew up on also.....
Gail Welch - over a year ago
You're welcome Betty. I'm glad you loved the cover. It is one of my most prized photographs.
Stormy, your recipe is great. I'm glad you shared it with us.
Stormy Stewart - over a year ago
Thank you for including my sweet potato dish.
Betty Graves - over a year ago
What a neat book. Thanks for including my recipe. I love the cover of the book. Thanks
Gail Welch - over a year ago
Thank you both so much. I guess you can tell I was/am a "Grandpa's girl." A "Grandma's girl," too. They were both so dear to me. Kim, I am deeply touched that you were able to experience the wonderful memories of your grandpa by me including his recipe. These are exactly the foods that my Grandpa cooked and loved. It has truly been my honor to select each one. I love the bond that we as JAP members have developed. God bless you all!
Christine Whisenhunt - over a year ago
Great book, Gail! I love the cover and sentiment!
Kim Biegacki - over a year ago
Awwhh, Gail did you have to make me cry?! I love your picture of you and your Grandpa. How sweet is that picture!! I just loved my Grandpa too; like you. My heart is swelled with emotion as when I posted that recipe of my Grandpa's I did not think that anyone would really respond to it. What an honor that you put it in your cookbook. I pray that God will continue to bring sweet memories to our hearts and mind of our loved ones who are no longer with us. What strong character and integrity they had to impact our lives in the way they did. THank you, thank you sweet sweet sister of mine for blessing my heart too. xoxoxoxo