Grandma's Table

Grandma's Table

A delicious collection of recipes featured in the Just A Pinch Recipe Sampler: Grandma's Table

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Janet Tharp - Mar 13, 2013
what an awesome cookbook!
Sofia Jacobsen - Jun 20, 2012
Very nice cook book but like I have stated before no room here for another cook book!!!
Selena Parisher - Oct 27, 2011
My 94 year old Grandma Ruth will be very excited and honored that her oyster stew recipe is in here! Thanks! I can't wait to tell her when I visit tomorrow :)
Geri Imdieke - Oct 14, 2011
What a surprise to find my Grandma Braun's vegetable soup recipe included in this cookbook. I'll have to tell my mother and sisters!
Rhonda Gibson - Oct 10, 2011
I'm so excited and honored! Thank you!
Jane Whittaker - Oct 8, 2011
I am both surprised and honored to be in this book, that I hope won't be the last from the kitchen crew.
This book if I am not wrong was from our members voting on recipes.
Dawn Moore - Oct 7, 2011
What an honor...thank you so much! I can't wiat to call Gram and tell her that her recipe is in a cookbook - she will be THRILLED!!!
Brenda Broadfoot - Oct 7, 2011
I love that my Grandmothers Cabbage burgers made it into this cook book. She was awesome and would be honored to know of such news! Now if we could just achieve a blue ribbon.... ;)
Kathy Sterling - Oct 7, 2011
Great cookbook with wonderful recipes. My grandmother would be excited to see her recipe in the cookbook.
Melissa Snow - Oct 6, 2011
Yes, thank you Janet and Kitchen Crew for including my Grandmother's recipe in your cookbook. If she were alive today she would be thrilled! :)
Colleen Sowa - Oct 6, 2011
I agree with Sherri!!! Thanks so much!!! I love this site!!! Besides the recipes, blue ribbons, cookbooks, contests, etc..... I have met and been inspired by wonderful people like Sherri, Peggi, Lynn....and so many others who help make this site THE PLACE TO BE!!! Thank you Janet and Kitchen Crew.... You have created a wonderful (and I think the best!) recipe site! xo Colleen
Sherri Williams - Oct 6, 2011
What a great honor! I'm truly blessed to be recognized with so many great cooks and their awesome recipes This cookbook will be cherished and passed down to my family, friends and generations to come. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. JAP rocks! Sw :)