Pasta And rice Dishes

Pasta And rice Dishes
Created February 2015

Eileen Hineline
By Eileen Hineline @HappyCooking56
Lovingly Compiled by
Eileen Hineline [emh52]
Thank you to all JAP cooks for their recipes that are delicious and will be enjoyed many.
Enjoy the pasta and rice recipes!
By Bonnie D. Utahn

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LESLIE TRYTHALL - Feb 26, 2015
Thank you so much Eileen! So glad that you & your family enjoyed them! Take care!
Nor A.M - Feb 26, 2015
Thank you for including my recipe in your book. Have a nice day!
David Kuhlmann - Feb 25, 2015
Thank you for the complements Eileen! I really do appreciate them. I've posted that quick shrimp pasta I mentioned earlier. It's a total of about a 15 minute dish and many possibilities in flavors. :)
Eileen Hineline - Feb 25, 2015
Hello RoseMary,
Thank you! You made my day. Hugs.
Eileen Hineline - Feb 25, 2015
Hi David
How are you? Mmmm I can smell your delicious cooking all the way in Az! I was honored to include your recipe and look forward to more of your recipes. I hope you have a great day.
Eileen Hineline - Feb 25, 2015
I make the dirty rice wraps alot, my sons love them and I have made these for work many times for co-workers who love them. great recipe, I hope everyone trys them, it is indeed a winner.
Eileen Hineline - Feb 25, 2015
Hi Kathy W
Thank you for the comment and I do hope you try these recipes out, just looking at the pictures made my own mouth water, mmm, I will be trying these recipes too.
Eileen Hineline - Feb 25, 2015
Hi Cindi
Hope you are having a great day. I was glad to include your recipes. I can't wait to make both for my family.
Eileen Hineline - Feb 25, 2015
Hi everyone, how awesome to see so many kind comments on my cookbook, always remember I can't make my books unless I have awesome delicious recipes to pinch and try out and I have chosen awesome ones as you know. I am honored to find your recipes and thank you all for sharing them. Many recipes I have already tried and many i need too.
Bonnie, hello, I chose your recipe and used it for the cover because this is something I have wanted to make for awhile now. I know many will try your recipe and enjoy .
Cindi Bauer - Feb 25, 2015
Eileen, thank you for including 2 of my recipes... Hamburger Spanish Rice With Bacon, and Hamburger Spanish Rice Soup, in your cookbook. I appreciate you including both recipes in your wonderful cookbook!
Bonnie ^O^ . - Feb 25, 2015
Thanks for putting my POT STICKER RICE BOWL photo on your cookbook and including my recipe. I am honored it was chosen. Have a nice day!
Kathy W - Feb 25, 2015
Great cookbook, Eileen! I see some recipes that I will have to check out. Yum!
LESLIE TRYTHALL - Feb 25, 2015
Hi Eileen! Great cookbook! Thanks so much for including my Dirty Rice Wraps! Have a great day! You just made mine!
David Kuhlmann - Feb 25, 2015
Awesome book Eileen! Thank's for adding my Red Beans and Rice!!!!

I'll be adding a very simple shrimp/pasta dish later today. Only takes about 20 minutes total to make. Have a PT appointment and I'll be back to finish a potato side and then will do the shrimp.

I'm once again honored to have one of my recipes used in someone's cookbook!

Rose Mary Mogan - Feb 25, 2015
Another great book Eileen, with more wonderful recipes, a bit of variety for everyone. Thanks also for including one of my recipes in your book.

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