Recipe Addiction

Recipe Addiction
Created January 2015

Tammy T
By Tammy T @ttodd4jesus
Compiled by
Tammy Todd

I admit that I have a recipe addiction and I have no plans on getting help. If you are addicted to recipes, you too will love this book. Full of Just A Pinch favorite cooks that share their sumptuous ideas with others. I am so thankful for these amazing cooks!

The picture on the front cover is
Chicken Pot Pie (the real Pennsylvania Dutch Way!) and was submitted by Robyn Bruce. You can find this recipe in the Soups/Stews section of this book.

Jan 2015

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Tammy T - Jan 8, 2016
Thank you Melanie! Love your recipes!
Melanie B - Jan 8, 2016
Thanks for including my recipe in this book. Good looking cookbook.
Tammy T - Jan 7, 2016
Thank you for your recipes Jean! :)
Jean Fisher - Jan 7, 2016
Thank you Tammy for adding one of my recipes to your cookbook. Very nice cookbook.
Tammy T - Jan 6, 2016
Thank you Barbara!
Barbara Miller - Jan 6, 2016
Very nice! Thank you.
Tammy T - Jan 16, 2015
Thank you Jeanne for the kind words! :D
Jeanne Gliddon - Jan 16, 2015
Thanks so much for another great cookbook Tammy! This one also has some fantastic sounding recipes that I can't wait to try!! Congratulations on another winner!!!
Tammy T - Jan 15, 2015
Thank you Melanie B for the recipe! I love Sherbet Punch! I have not had it in years so when I saw your recipe, I had to put it in my book to keep. Thank you again!
Tammy T - Jan 15, 2015
Oooops! Went right by you Crystal, sorry! I wanted to thank you too for your recipes you share. You have some mighty good ones!
Melanie B - Jan 15, 2015
Nice cookbook. Thanks for including my recipe.
Tammy T - Jan 15, 2015
United we stand! :D Thank you Nancy! Boy does that Cinnamon Pudding Cake look amazing! I am so wanting to make that! Thank you for your wonderful recipes!
Nancy Allen - Jan 15, 2015
Thanks Tammy for including my recipe in your wonderful yummy cookbook! Recipe mongers unite! 8)
Crystal ~ - Jan 15, 2015
Thank you, Tammy, for including some of my recipes in your cookbook. :)
Tammy T - Jan 15, 2015
Thank you Cassie! Keep those recipes coming, love them! Hugs!