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Stormy Stewart - Aug 23, 2012
Grace you would have to make a new cook book. they are unchangeable once they are made. I can't believe I hadn't come across you before, loved the recipes I looked at and Just added you as a favorite.

Maria how are you doing now, I hope you are feeling better.

Thank you all for writing down the recipes that went into this book
Grace Camp - Aug 22, 2012
i want to ty 4 adding my dip to ur cookbook.:) maria i'm sorry to hear ur feelin bad hope u feel better soon. i see u said ur working on ur cancer cookbooks, do u have cancer?? anyway i'm going to pray 4 u and ask others 2 as well.
Sherri Williams - Apr 7, 2012
What a gem! Thanks for including me. sw☺
maria maxey - Apr 1, 2012
Thank you again Stormy .Thanks again for including me it.(((HUGS))))
Norma DeRemer - Apr 1, 2012
Another great book and thanks for including me in it. (((Hugs)))
cindy sandberg - Mar 31, 2012
Thanks for including me...looks like a great book!
Stormy Stewart - Mar 31, 2012
Nice Maria looking forward to seeing it when finished
maria maxey - Mar 31, 2012
Thank You for adding my two recipes in your cookbook.Again Thank you.Still feeling kind of poorly ,but still trying to work on my cancer cookbooks.Thank you again Maria.PS my second cookbook name is already named.SWEETS 4R THE MEMORIES.IT'S also my new conp. name.
Stormy Stewart - Mar 31, 2012
thank you Leila
Leila Rockwell - Mar 31, 2012
Great Cookbook Stormy
Stormy Stewart - Mar 31, 2012
couldn't do it without you, Nancy
Nancy J. Patrykus - Mar 31, 2012
Very , very nice...
YUMMY. Thanks for including my reecipe