Valentines Day Recipes For Your Sweetheart!!

Valentines Day Recipes For Your Sweetheart!!
Created January 2012

Karla Everett
By Karla Everett @Karla59
Be my Valentine, my love,
As I will be for you,
And we will love the whole day long,
And love our whole lives through.
For love has no parameters
And does not end with time,
But is the gift of paradise,
A pinch of the sublime.

So let us take this holiday
To resubmit our love
To those within that know no sin
And with the angels move.
Nicholas Gordon

Lovingly Compiled by
Karla Everett

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Karla Everett - Jan 25, 2012
Thanks Laura and your very welcome! :D
Laura Davis - Jan 25, 2012
Thanks for using my reipes! Great book!!
Karla Everett - Jan 16, 2012
Thanks Colleen !!
Colleen Sowa - Jan 16, 2012
Great job Karla!!! Love the theme! xo
Karla Everett - Jan 14, 2012
Carol , Thank you very much :D
Carol Junkins - Jan 14, 2012
ahh I love his one great ideas for Valentine's Day ! Tks for putting some of mine in there Karla. Some I hadn't seen before so will save this !
Karla Everett - Jan 14, 2012
Gail and Sherri , Thank you and you are very welcome! :D
Sherri Williams - Jan 14, 2012
This is another awesome cookbook. How do you find the time? I'm glad that you do, because your cookbooks are aweful special. Thanks for thinking about me in this cookbook as well. Have a great weekend. sw☺
Gail Welch - Jan 14, 2012
Karla, your book is absolutely lovely inside and out. Thank you for compiling such beautiful and delicious recipes as Valentine's Day is one of my favorites. You gave me a lot of choices to decide on!
Karla Everett - Jan 13, 2012
Sylwia and Lynda , Thank you and your very welcome!! :D
Lynda Hayes - Jan 13, 2012
Thank you for choosing my Torte to be in your cookbook. It is really an honor. All the recipes
not only look beautiful but sound delicious.
Sylwia Wojdyla Ohlrich - Jan 13, 2012
Thank you to put one of my recipe!!! The book look grate.
Karla Everett - Jan 13, 2012
Sorry I ment Freda , I was just on a thread of Cindy's and I guess her name stuck with me ..hahaha :D
Karla Everett - Jan 13, 2012
Thanks Cindy , unfortunately I'm still out of work and have way to much time on my hands lately!
FREDA GABLE - Jan 13, 2012
MY GOSH, where do you find all the time??
So sweet this idea. . .